The Real Journey
  Introduction started off as a personal website featuring a mixture of philosophy and news. Since 1998, it has grown into a family of websites that includes [,] [,, and].

When I first started, one of the topics I wanted to discuss most was the apparent gap between science and religion. As I explored that debate, I began to move into other philosophical topics. Eventually, I began to explore some rather complicated topics, and it seemed as though no one had very much exposure to those topics.

Initially, I'd hoped my journey would yield a genuine scientific hypothesis. I didn't understand the relationship between philosophy and science. As I broadened my search, I discovered elements of fun and fantasy in this journey, as well as opportunities for meaningful insight, but I nevertheless kept my proposals as scientific as possible. [The resulting philosophical essay, featured at,] shows there is hope for those who journey in search of truth.

[Some of the] event[s] [that eventually] laid the foundation for [seem to have begun] [d]uring the presidential election of 2000, [when] the problems associated with hanging and dimpled chads became familiar to many people... [...] As the election controversy progressed into December, I became increasingly annoyed. [...] [At one point,] I called the Clinton White House and presented my [own] theory of what had gone wrong with the ballots. They thanked me and I never heard anything further. [...] I was very close to publishing the theory on my website, or attracting attention in some other way. And then one day, while I was on the phone having a heated philosophical discussion, my phone emitted a strange beep. I laughed it off and said, "they won't do anything unless they perceive a threat." Then the phone went dead. It was weird, and I was scared. I still don't really know who or what it was.

While I want readers to try to take such matters seriously, I have to laugh at some of the decisions I've made... [...] One of my mistakes may have been too little emphasis on my feeling that people need to find some way to come together and avoid future mistakes, although people must be free to disagree with one another. Often, I just have to grin and be thankful that there are people who dismiss it. At the same time, I, and everyone else, deserve some room to argue our point.

...I do not think it is impossible for humanity to reach a common understanding about certain issues... [...] In the 21st century, we will undoubtedly learn more about the universe and our place in it. By increasing awareness and knowledge, we can help move societies and individuals toward a common understanding.

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