focuses on topics related to privacy and the abuse of government power. Bad legislation, along with government projects and decisions, are collectively suppressing political dissent. Behavior modification, computerized spying, and a "war of ideas" are being used by the administration to snuff out political adversaries. Click HERE!
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Dangerous Profits: Energy, Economics, Environment
The risks posed by pollution and global warming make dependence on dangerous and expensive sources of energy a significant factor in decisions related to global energy production. But these decisions appear to be related to foreign policy, which frequently ignores such risks. Various interests may favor dangerous and expensive sources of energy for reasons that may include a larger stake in matters related to global energy production, including economic matters. Click HERE!
Exploring Legalized Marijuana
For those who are currently following the marijuana legalization debate, the question isn't about whether or not to legalize, but at what doses and quantities, and with what accompanying regulation. Most of the studies and research lead to the conclusion that marijuana consumption does not lead to social problems under most conditions, and that most individuals do not experience problems under most conditions of marijuana consumption. While conditions may arise in which a small percentage of individuals using marijuana may benefit from treatment or awareness, there does not appear to be a causal link between the use of marijuana and social or individual problems. Unfortunately, prohibitionists continue to misuse and distort data related to the legalization of marijuana. However, most evidence related to marijuana use suggests that society and individuals would be better off if marijuana were legalized. Click HERE!
The Corporate Tax: ATM Fees & Other Charges
When most people think of a "corporate tax," they think of the taxes the government charges to corporations for the debt owed to the society in which the corporation does business. But there is also a kind of tax charged to consumers by corporations, and for the purposes of this presentation, it is this more covert corporate tax that will be discussed. One of the most controversial, underhanded, and unfair taxes currently outraging many people is the ATM fees charged to consumers. Click HERE!
Stealing Democracy
Election Scandals, Illegal Ballots, & Political Corruption
From - Election scandals in the U.S. are effectively stealing democracy from the American people. The 2004 presidential election used punch cards that produced errors significant enough to possibly change the outcome of the election, and electronic ballots that do not produce a paper record. While this article focuses considerable attention on some of the startling problems with "butterfly ballots" that did not receive attention during the 2000 presidential election, the article also focuses on political corruption, and the abuses of democratic freedom that occurred during the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004, as well as the California recall, including some of my own terrifying experiences. Don't let democracy get stolen in another fraudulent election. Click HERE!
Killing Us Slowly: The Cost of Higher Education
The College Access and Opportunity Act of 2004 is upsetting to many people because it prevents students from locking in a low fixed rate when they pay back their student loans. But there are other problems with the legislation, including what may amount to ideological discrimination that disfavors economically disadvantaged students who need to borrow money to receive a college education by restricting their freedom. Click HERE!
Copyright Law & Social Change
The anti-sharing movement is about more than just copyright law, although recent efforts to frighten and punish people who download music and films have drawn the most attention in the campaign to prevent people from sharing anything from music to food. There has been a barrage of legislation proposed that unfairly favors the music and film industry, and some of it, like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, has even passed. Unfortunately, most of the legislation proposed advocates the use of social capitalism to suppress market change, and reflects errors in economic theory, as well as underlying flaws in social and political theory. Click HERE!
The Struggle for Equality
Economics, Politics, & Education
The privatization movement has forced political philosophy to take a back seat to economic philosophy, despite severe problems and moral ambiguity in economic theory. The current debate involving school privatization and vouchers is just the latest example of the misguided use of faulty economic theories in political matters. Why are privatization and school vouchers seen as solutions to problems in public schools, despite the fact that current trends in such programs endanger the educational resources of the poor and minorities? The effects of vouchers, in particular, could threaten the indigenous resources of the civil rights movement, and roll back the gains made during the civil rights movement of the 20th century. Click HERE!
Signs, Signs, & Everywhere Signs
Warning About Violence, Sex, & Television
Violence and sexual images on television, and the influence of television in general, has become a growing issue all over the world. The proposal featured in this presentation does not attempt to ban any type of programming, nor does it seek to accuse anyone of wrongdoing. Free expression must be highly valued and appreciated. It is hoped that these problems can be addressed through increased knowledge and understanding, brought about through the sharing of information. Click HERE!
Banks & Bankruptcy: Torturing America's Consumers
The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 is un-American. It sells our democracy to the banks, blames consumers for the scams carried out by financial institutions, significantly reduces Americans' most basic protections against an industry with a legacy of rip-offs and deception, and turns a blind eye to the scandals carried out by the very institutions whining that they are tired of people whining. This kind of abuse of the American consumer must be stopped. Americans who work their entire lives only to be ripped off by a bank and an approving and well greased government should have more, not less protection from the economic fundamentalism and aggressive marketing used by banks. Click HERE!
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