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Awhile ago, I published a presentation called The Enteric Nervous System (also known as Meet Thumper) about what scientists call your "second brain." Your second brain is about as many nerve endings as a cat's brain, but because your second brain has only about two-thirds of the nerve endings of an entire cat, I characterized it using a Disney rabbit named "Thumper." We do not yet know whether your enteric nervous system is conscious, but we know it can process information on its own.

Believe it or not, your gastrointestinal system (your mouth, throat, stomach, intestines, and a few other parts) can "process information" independently of the brain in your head. Shortly after I published the presentation, an Internet web site known as "YouTube" instituted a policy that said, "Barfing (also known as 'throwing up,' 'vomiting,' or 'puking') is now pornography."

One of my friends who made a living doing barf videos on YouTube had his ability to make a living taken away, along with countless other people on YouTube.

My thought was, "Why not do a presentation on so-called 'eating disorders?'" There are a number different eating disorders, but only one of them involves barfing. The disorder is characterized by thoughts about body image (which may be related to "body dysmorphic disorder," whereupon you see yourself as having an ugly body when other people do not see you that way).

But some people barf for fun, sport, gastrointestinal disorders, neurogastroenterological disorders, or stressing abdominal muscles. So, I thought I'd address what the YouTube policy is implying, as well as talk about other eating disorders.

The "big three" eating disorders are "Anorexia nervosa" (starving yourself beyond mere dieting), "Bulimia nervosa" (barfing not for fun, sport, gastrointestinal disorders, neurogastroenterological disorders, or stressing abdominal muscles, but because you feel you will gain weight, or you want to eat alot of food free from guilt), and "Binge-eating disorder" (when you just say fuck it, I'm fat, and I'm gonna eat a bunch of food like a feast).

With regard to "Bulimia nervosa," what if the reason is you can't get the food you want, and not about gaining weight or eating free from guilt? What if you're a vegan or vegetarian at an American Thanksgiving dinner and feel pressure to eat something you know you shouldn't? What if food marketing is equivalent to tobacco, alcohol, or pharmaceutical marketing? What if Ronald McDonald makes you feel like you don't fit in with your friends? What if YouTube just wants to make you fat?

We'll also talk about barfing as a part of military training, and how it is part of being human.

I fail to see how barfing is "pornography" given the number of reasons people do it, but given the possibility of the enteric nervous system, characterized by "Thumper," a Disney rabbit, is conscious (or at least "processing information"), it is a creative idea to suggest that perhaps "Thumper" is achieving some sort of arousal by barfing. There's no science to back this up, but I mentioned here as the best I could do to mitigate what YouTube could possibly be thinking. We also have no scientific information about what kind of arousal, if any, could be achieved, because we know very little about the enteric nervous system. Based on experience, it appears to move the abdominal muscles in a different way, which could be caused by gastrointestinal disorders or neurogastroenterological disorders that may influence thoughts in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, assuming the reason - if you can call it reason since we know so little about the enteric nervous system - is not originating in the brain in your head. That's just my guess, and we'll get to that...

But what if instead of a cute Disney rabbit, your Thumper, for reasons we don't fully understand, is a "Barfing Frog?" "Barfing Frog" is a character from the television show The Simpsons. The episode "Barfing Frog" is from was based on the film series Harry Potter. "Bart," one of the main characters on The Simpsons, attempts to create a special friend, but turns out to be a bad wizard. So, instead he creates a "Barfing Frog."

We know so little about this topic, we're going to need some fantasy... starting with Thumper! Thumper is a Disney character - a talking rabbit - from the movie Bambi. He's going to play the role of the human enteric nervous system. Why explain the enteric nervous system with a talking Disney rabbit? Well, we'll get to that. This may come as a shock, but believe it or not, you have a "second brain" inside you. Your mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines (along with a few other parts) have a mind of their own. Together, the parts form Thumper. We don't know what Thumper thinks about, or if he's conscious like a real rabbit. But we know he processes information on his own. He's got enough nerve endings to be a cat's brain, or two-thirds of a cat's entire nervous system, so I figured a rabbit would work for his character. There are going to be other characters in this presentation, too. I think the best way to approach this is with characters. What if Thumper is listening?

We know Thumper can affect mood. We're working on the details. But, like, if you need to take a big shit, it seems like it could make your prefrontal cortex grumpy. I don't like to speculate, but scientific speculation is what we think happened at YouTube.

"Scientific speculation" means we're making educated guesses based on the science we know, and just say stuff that could possibly be verified under the very strict rules of science. In other words, there's enough information available to make a very specific kind of guess.

"The first and most obvious scientifically speculative idea is that Thumper has access to your senses. Does your stomach growl when you watch a TV commercial about food? Well, that might not be your prefrontal cortex. Thumper might be able to access your eyes and ears, as well as your other senses. Scientifically, we can't tell what's going on. We explain a stomach growl while watching TV with a signal sent to the stomach from the brain by way of the nervous system, but what that means needs further investigation. Is Thumper watching TV?" (Thumper, 2018)

The paragraph above likely kicked off a chain of thought at YouTube leading to the conclusion that barf videos could be pornographic. However, there is no evidence. It's scientific speculation. What we're doing in this presentation is exploring that idea and investigating what is going on. Because there is more to the story than was evaluated by executives and staff at YouTube...

Okay, we've arrived safely in Scientific Speculationland. What if Ronald McDonald is behind the "barfing is pornography" thesis at YouTube? What if seeing a hamburger commercial is Thumper's pornography? This could be a marketing coverup. Barfing makes food look disgusting. So, we'll call the vomit pornography, and pimp the hamburger.

As we dive deeper into this, I selected the image below because there's a "joint" or "marijuana cigarette" sticking out of Ronald McDonald's mouth. Drugs, both the legal kind and the illegal kind, can affect barfing and appetite. I barf on antidepressants (Wellbutrin, in particular) but the government has paid for another marijuana attack study that I sourced.

Why do we barf? Is it normal? I don't care! "What is going on?" is the right question. Did you ever get a prescription that says "Take with food" or "Do not take with food" printed on the bottle? Duh! Is Ronald McDonald also behind the strict drug laws in some states? Is he throwing people in jail to sell hamburgers? Note the Masonic (or "conspiracy") triangle on his chest. Were you trying to lose weight? Are you allowed to barf? Are you attracted to bodybuilders on drugs you can't get? What if we show that bodybuilder taking a shower to sell you soap, and then sell you a Big Mac after you saw that? What the fuck is going on?

If marketing a hamburger is legal, then barf videos should be legal, too. What if I put a disclaimer on McDonald's ads? (I did, but only because Janet Jackson's boob popped out during the Superbowl, and she had to flee to Vancouver. I thought a disclaimer would work. You can Click HERE! to read that presentation, but why not finish this one first and scroll back up?)

The point of this section is that scientific speculation can run wild, and YouTube should not have banned barf videos without actual evidence. I think I'll turn my ad blocker on the next time I watch a YouTube video, and ban that advertising crap. You can't step to me, bitches! There are two sides to a computer screen...

There is a training exercise in the United States military that involves barfing. The exercise, when conducted properly, teaches recruits about hydration and barfing. The idea is that if one consumes water to the point that they barf, they are hydrated. Given other information about hydration and barfing, it seemed like a positive experience for recruits - the exercise took place during "Basic Training" or "Initiation" - that would teach recruits about hydration and barfing. However, some recruits died. Based on initial trials, it appeared excessive hydration would produce barfing, but that didn't happen. Abuse also occurred during the training exercise in some military installations.

It is not clear what the recruits would take away from the training exercise, as there is not enough information available in the field of neurogastroenterology. However, there are certain physical activities that appear to cause barfing in certain environments. Based upon the training exercises, it appears barfing may be related to hydration, but again, not enough information is available.

There are cases of extreme abuse of recruits associated with the limited knowledge we have about the enteric nervous system (Thumper), and as a result of the deaths and abuse at certain facilities, recruits (and the rest of the military) were, in some cases, limited on the amount of water they could consume per hour, per day. It is not clear whether the practice has been stopped, or whether the abuse has stopped in certain military installations.

The training exercise does expose that we need more information about the enteric nervous system, and that it appears barfing is normal under certain conditions for most people. The next section is about those conditions, and what we learned from these training exercises...

We fucked up our shit real bad. We fucked up our philosophy, our religion, our politics, our planet, and our humanity. The situation is more dire than you know. A simple analysis of how YouTube handled a young man's life illustrates how badly we fucked up. And I'm not singling out YouTube. They're merely illustrating how we think, and how fucked up the sitch is. Even on a bad day, we should be doing better than this. Life could be better.

Here is a simple list of what we know about why we barf, but we don't yet know what is going on. We need further study.

- Illness
- Poisoning
- Gastrointestinal disorders
- Neurogastroenterological disorders
- Psychological disorders
- Overeating
- Excessive consumption of alcohol
- Allergies
- Eating foods we shouldn't
- Excessive exposure to heat
- Recreational fun
- Merely stressing the abdominal muscles
- Stress (both mental and neurogastroenterological)
- Motion sickness
- Indigestion
And the grand daddy of them all...
- Normal hydration

Pornography is not in that list. Attempting to add it to that list is insane given what is already in that list. A simple Google search shows only barfing during sexual activity. Wikipedia's "comprehensive list" does not include pornography, either. There is absolutely no basis for YouTube's policy. No scientific evidence. And an obvious ignorance of why people barf, listed above. It is common for people who stress their abdominal muscles in a fitness facility to barf.

The only "why" questions I can come up with for YouTube's policy that "barfing is pornography" is some sort of fear or hostility toward me and this website, with the decision being made in an isolated environment in which research was not conducted and in which research is ignored. Major clues include YouTube's failure to reverse the decision given the evidence available. That seems like a hostile environment. Like, "If we reverse our decision, we'll look weak, and will not be able to stand up to T.J. and his frat."

YouTube, in the intro to this presentation, we attempted to apply reason to your decision, and even some understanding. But now we're at the end of the presentation, and we've made our case. There is no thinking among us that you will look weak by reversing your decision. Please show us the kind of intellect upon which your company was founded. You won't be sorry...

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