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This presentation is more "multidisciplinary" than most presentations on NewsKing. "Multidisciplinary" just means that while many presentations on NewsKing stray off the main topic and make little points about other topics, this one makes bigger points about other topics... to the point that the topics aren't "other." It's multidisciplinary.

So, we're starting off with getting a good night's sleep, and some of the reasons why some people may have trouble sleeping. We're not covering every sleep disorder (like snoring), we're just trying to get you to sleep and wake you up on a regular schedule... assuming you want that.

It turns out, a chemical that plays a role in making people express different races through skin color also plays a role in sleep. So, we get into human evolution...

While you're looking at your race, we're going to introduce dogs (wolves, actually) that evolved alongside humans. Once that discussion starts, it'll be fun because we can talk about how important dogs were in human evolution.

Evolution involves climate, and climate change, here on Earth. So we get into that...

Finally, we get to talk about how diet and exercise are important given all the other stuff we talked about. And you might see your friend Thumper again. You'll have to read on to find out...

The logo ties it all together! It's a black wolf and a white wolf made into a Chinese YingYang, which represents harmony. You definitely want to read this one!

The main idea of this post is sleep disorders, but it gets so complicated, there is no main idea. We get to talk about alot, and get alot off our chests.

There is evidence that certain types insomnia in humans may be contributed to by chemicals that in some way affect skin color and response to sunlight. The big chemical in this theory is melatonin, but there are at least two others involved: calcium and vitamin D.

Before we get into all that, you evolved to sleep on a schedule involving the sun. It's called a circadian rhythm. Some people are different, though, and have different natural sleep cycles. Add electric light to that along with night shifts, and it complicates the problem. Even the weather can affect certain types of insomnia.

In addition to multiple forms of insomnia, there multiple sleep disorders. For example, sleep apnea, a type of snoring in which you periodically stop breathing, will not be covered. We're only discussing not being able to fall asleep.

The chemical melatonin is sold in pill form, and we think, but can't confirm, that it will help you sleep better. It also contributes to skin color in humans. The darker your skin, the higher your melatonin. But you have to get out in the sun for that to work. Getting out in the sun requires calcium, which produces vitamin D while you are exposed to the sun.

This doesn't mean that if you have dark skin, take pills, and tan, that you'll sleep better. And it doesn't mean humans with really dark skin will sleep better if they get no sun and take no pills. Most of us live indoor lifestyles with electric lights now. No matter your skin color, you may or may not benefit from melatonin, calcium, and vitamin D. If you use certain other drugs, melatonin may or may not be strong enough to put you to sleep with certain other drugs in your system.

We're going to be using dogs and wolves to explain what factors caused humans to have to different skin colors. There is not enough information available to explain everything, but we can explain some things. And no, skin color is not the same as fur color, but we think something extraordinary happened, and we'll get to that next...

There is DNA evidence, along with other evidence, that humans are all basically the same race. Some "early modern humans" wandered "out of Africa," where it is believed humans evolved. There is also strong evidence that we evolved from simpler organisms. As strongly opionated religious representatives put it, "Haha! You think you're a jellyfish!?" They're jerks with no morals, but they continue to debate this evidence.

The best we have for how it all got started is called the "RNA hypothesis." RNA is kind of like DNA, but we think it's older and simpler. It's still in you. And there is evidence RNA can change easily based on environment, while DNA requires a much more difficult change.

Anyway, as this "early modern human" tribe from Africa wandered around the world and spread out, there is evidence that the one big "human race" - the one that started in Africa - evolved in response to factors like climate. You can get carried away with that and try to say that still means races are different. And we did get carried away. However, with DNA evidence, we can see that the differences between races of different skin color are not significant. Hell of a show, but we're all still human. It's not at all like you think, and there's not enough information available about why we put on this show and think that way.

Let's tie it to dogs and wolves. Did some wolves turn white to blend in with the snow? Like, predators could see the dark wolves in the snow, so they got killed. The whiter the wolf, the better its chance for survival. There's not enough information available. We could also argue that humans changed skin color due to lack of sun. It could be the African tanning booth turned off (not really a booth, but one could hypothesize that shorter days and colder weather forced us into some kind of shelter from outside, denying us sunlight, so those who evolved to not need as much sunlight survived, while people who had previously evolved for African weather and sunlight, died off). Again, scientists don't agree here, but we have two strong hypothetical factors, and a hypothetical RNA theory.

The image below is of the best evidence we have for the path Africans spread throughout the world. You can click the image, or click HERE for more information.

We could start with the Big Bang (the start of the universe we know), evolution, and consciousness, but there's a better way to explain evolution...

You're not self made. In fact, the way you look and act was guarded by wolves. It wasn't perfect. But we evolved with wolves over millions of years. Have you ever heard the saying, "dogs are mans' best friend?" (Today we would say "humans' best friend"). Well, humans didn't pick wolves as a best friend. Wolves picked humans. And what we today call a "domestic dog" is the result of a decision made by wolf packs in prehistoric times.

Humans had food, shelter, and fire (warmth), and wolves noticed. No shit, they noticed! But humans were under attack in the wild all the time, and wolves noticed that, too. Humans ain't got teeth like a wolf! Primates were scared and crawled up a tree or into a cave to hide!

Plus we looked good with wolves.

A wolf's sense of sound and smell evolved far beyond what a human could ever achieve. We are what we are because we evolved together. Did you think you got to where you are all by yourself? With cities and shit? What's up, doc? (He or she can hear your heart beating...)

So, with a wolf guarding you, you sleep better at this point in your evolution.

That wolves and humans evolved together is the scientific consensus, but how can you prove what a wolf was thinking millions of years ago? There's not enough information available. The wolf was replaced by the domestic dog, which illustrates the role humans played in the evolution of wolves into dogs, and we'll get to that next...

How did we get from wolves to dogs? After wolves decided to guard us, they started hanging out with us more and more. The food, shelter, and warmth turned into companionship, but make no mistake, they were still wolves, and that was a problem.

If you've ever bred dogs, you basically lock a male and a female in heat (a female dog in her reproductive period) in a room and wait for them to have sex. So, we took the most well-behaved and beautiful wolves and did that. We think the wolves we did that with may now be extinct. The wolves who live in the wild today have DNA indicators that suggest they are different enough from domestic dogs that they are not the wolves who protected us.

The closest we have to a wolf, according to Google, is the dog breed called the Northern Inuit. It's a cross of domestic dogs like the German Shepherd, which is probably the best remaining example from our past of what we did.

We did all this so dogs could help us more, and make better pets as we got the upper hand on nature, thanks to... wolves...

When we started farming, we bred little dogs who could dig up moles, bred dogs who could herd sheep, bred dogs who could hunt game, etc. We just locked the ones who were good at this or that in a room. Then we started breeding for looks, and now have dog shows.

So, now you sleep better with specialty dogs who don't try to kill you on bad days, and who protect your farm or your city (both of which are increasingly getting larger and more sophisticated).

If all that doesn't sit right with you, just remember that wolves made the decision to get mixed up with us millions of years ago. Was it the right decision? So far, so good. We haven't cracked the Earth and turned it into a dead planet yet, and are working on animal rights as I write this.

So, what if you and your wolfish dog met a real wolf in your ancient travels who was completely white? That'd be neat to try, huh?

I want to start with a disclaimer that recognizes that I'm writing this under the Trump administration...

White wolves, I know you think it's about giant pickup trucks that vibrate you when you drive. But we can do that differently and put a computer-controlled vibrator on it (prolly some black wolves think that, too...). But to the white wolves, you're endagering your existence. You can hide inside in the Caymen Islands and stay white, but you'll go extinct if you don't address climate change. Mexicans are perfectly suited for an increase in temperature, and will fuck your daughters. You're gonna die in that truck...

Haha! Some humor to start you off. We're suited for different climates, and though we may be able to survive, you're playing with something you don't understand. Climate change is a risk to the national security of every nation. In fact, the Pentagon considers climate change a risk to the security of the United States. This is not a TV show. It's very serious. You will not survive given how evolution works. Humans may not even survive. It's not just "a few degrees and an air-conditioned truck," you will die out!

It gets worse. It will get so bad, the best of our technology will not be able to control it. We barely understand it now. Don't play with this.

The current plan is so sick we will die from war. "We plan on changing it by the 2050's with the same companies in charge, and spraying metallic particles in the air to cool it off. We may lose millions of lives in coastal cities, but we think we'll survive." You won't. You won't be able to cool it back off, and you are not suited for that. You'll die in a sea of Mexicans who will die after you. And you'll go to war over this...

The mutt below does not represent the result of your failures. He or she represents something we want in a better future where we can choose our own partners and make something cool. As in cool. Stop what you're doing! We'll all die!

Can you get to sleep tonight?

There is evidence that diet and exercise affect the enteric nervous system, which appears to play a role in psychological issues such as depression and anxiety. There is also evidence that diet, exercise, and sleep are related. Are you tired after you exercise? Of course!

Consult your doctor, or more preferably, a dietician or nutritionist - along with a kinesiologist, psychologist, and neurologist (preferably specializing in sleep disorders) - before you go crazy at the gym and start slamming down food that may not be right for you. (That's a classic old-school gym joke: "I've exercised, so I'mma eat more, not less!") But yeah, if you exercise and eat right, it appears you'll sleep better.

In the United States, there is free advice available about diet from the USDA. While it is widely debated, it's not bad advice. And there are options now from the USDA if you want to be a vegan or vegetarian. In the United States, there is advice on both diet and exercise available from health.gov. The diet generally follows the USDA guidelines, and the exercise advice is, generally, to do moderate aerobics combined with moderate strength training.

Getting a better night's sleep is not about starving or slamming a bunch of food, and going crazy with your fitness routine. Slow and steady wins the race...

The image below is of the Disney character "Thumper" from the Bambi movies. He represents The Enteric Nervous System which is also called your "second brain." He lives in your tummy. You can click the link to learn more...

This is the best snapshot of our current knowledge in 2018, written by your's truly with NewsKing style. Alot of it is new research. Don't jump to your own conclusions just yet. We have to procede carefully. For example, I'm pretty sure eating only chicken will NOT cause you to evolve wings so you can fly like Superman in your dreams. Don't jump to conclusions. Be careful.

But have fun. Be open to new ideas in this field as more information becomes available. I assure you we'll figure out as much as we can. That's what we're good at. Human fire maker or wolf who sees what we made, we will figure all this out! You'll have alot more fun in life if you go through this process, and fun is what life's about...

Yeah, I know, this presentation is done...

Warning: Overdosing on the over-the-counter drugs described above will not, to my knowledge, lead to a better life outcome. In fact, those drugs are derived in different ways, and some of the ways they get those drugs could hurt you. Use caution. And for fuck sake, don't take a bunch of pills and sit out in the sun. Use sunscreen. PABA-free sunscreen is the best if you experience a burning sensation when you put the sunscreen on. You wanna take the recommended dose of everything on this. I am not a licensed medical professional, and you should talk this over with a doctor. A psychiatrist is gonna have the best info on melatonin. A physician is gonna have the best info on vitamin D and calcium. I'm sorry that's the way it is, but it is right now. Use extreme caution.

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