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I want to begin this disclaimer by apologizing. I am sorry for some of the linguistic choices featured at NewsKing.com and HomelandInsecurity.org. And to those who know me personally (probably not you), I am sorry certain events occurred over the last few years that may have affected my behavior. Unfortunately, harmless decisions can later seem like mistakes to some people. Of course, the way people feel can appear to influence their judgment, along with other factors. While all of this has had both positive and negative results for my writing and self-development, I am working to improve things overall. And just so everyone knows, I am a peaceful person with peaceful intentions.

With respect to the websites, I stand by what I wrote, although I recognize that in human society there is almost always room for improvement. It is also important to mention any article or presentation could contain errors, because humans make mistakes. One of my mistakes may have been too little emphasis on my feeling that people need to find some way to come together and avoid future mistakes, although people must be free to disagree with one another.

There are many issues on the horizon that I am still ambivalent about. Even though there is much I want to say, I think the best choice for me to make right now is to move on with my journey, though there appear to be some issues that may be difficult to ignore. I hope everyone who is looking for peace and enlightenment gets it. Thanks are owed to all who have helped out.

NewsKing.com started off as a personal website featuring a mixture of philosophy and news. Since 1998, it has grown into a family of websites that includes neoNewton.com and HomelandInsecurity.org. The information on this page complements the articles and presentations featured at all of the websites - NewsKing.com, neoNewton.com, and HomelandInsecurity.org.

When I first started NewsKing.com, one of the topics I wanted to discuss most was the apparent gap between science and religion. As I explored that debate, I began to move into other philosophical topics. Eventually, I began to explore some rather complicated topics, and it seemed as though no one had very much exposure to those topics.

The philosophical approach I eventually adapted is called "realism," but the term can be misleading. The approach to realism featured at neoNewton.com is different from the traditional approach to realism, however, the distinction may sometimes go unnoticed. For some people, the word may be interpreted in a way that makes it difficult to navigate a virtual environment like the Internet. For others, it may contribute to philosophical disputes.

While I want readers to try to take such matters seriously, I have to laugh at some of the decisions I've made during times when I've had no data or experiences to guide me. Sometimes, I may go to great lengths to show how my approach to realism is different from the approach taken by many "realists." And I have to remind myself (and others) that I don't want my websites to be viewed as an "absolute truth," nor do I want to be seen as someone who professes to know such a truth. Often, I just have to grin and be thankful that there are people who dismiss it. At the same time, I, and everyone else, deserve some room to argue our point.

Lately, the whole experience has been very unrewarding. I would like to get more help doing this, but I'm not sure what that would entail. This is a lot of work. Although it sometimes seems there is probably more of a possibility that I will have something new to say than I previously thought or desired, I would also like to find some way to move on, somehow. Whatever happens, I would like to encourage everyone to continue to send in their feedback.

Thank you for visiting!

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