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The NewsKing Blog is updated more frequently than anything else on the site. And all kinds of stuff happens here. If you're a fan of the site and ready for something different, click HERE for The NewsKing Blog!
Welcome home! Homelessness is not what most people think it is. You might picture a guy on the street in dirty clothes, begging for money, but homelessness can be a rock star on tour. Homelessness is about not being at home, and for many people, homelessness is about not even having "that feeling" of home. Click HERE!
MedNet is all about you! Well, at least getting you a doctor and healthcare coverage that's right for you. But MedNet goes a step beyond. We try to find you the right doctor, match up healthcare plans for that doctor, and even tell you how far away the doctor is. In addition to patient ratings, MedNet also includes a way to talk about what you want in a doctor, from personality to hobbies to experiences with other patients. With MedNet, healthcare is all about you! Click HERE!
LA River
Nearly everyone in the world knows the LA River from movies. It's being re-done with bicycle trails, running trails, landmarks, landscaping, and activities to better enjoy the river. It's called a "greenway."But there's more to the LA River than just the way it looks. The LA River both protects and celebrates the Angeleno way of life, as well as bonding people from all over the city of LA together. Click HERE!
The Alien
Are there aliens? Is there evidence of aliens in our past? Whether the "alien" looks like a tiny snake, or a walking, talking creature, we'll explore the evidence and enter the debate. What if their mere existence tears apart your religion, and then they tell you they have their own religion? We'll use science to talk about that. You don't wanna miss this one! Click HERE!
Meet Thumper!
What if you have a "second brain?" This presentation is about the "enteric nervous system," which scientists call your "second brain." Not much is known about it, but we're learning. It has as many nerve endings as a cat's brain. I named it Thumper, because it's only two-thirds the size of a cat's entire nervous system. Do you want to meet Thumper? Click HERE!
My Hero Academia
Do you get high? Do you feel sexy? Do you think about super powers and fantasy? Do you think about science and religion? Do you think about "gay, straight, and/or bi?" Are you into books and movies? Well, this presentation has you covered. It's linked to many of the other presentations on NewsKing, but it's a good start to getting high, staying safe, and enjoying yourself. Click HERE!
Animals & Vegetarianism
Topics range from relationships with animals, such as keeping animals as pets, to eating animals and using animals in scientific research. Eating a vegeterian diet can help you reduce your chance of obesity, reduce your risk of heart disease, lower your blood pressure, and lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. Click HERE!
Welcome to Linux!
Tour Linux

Linux is one cool operating system! Powerful. Smart. Fast. Efficient. And there are a ton of apps for everything from editing videos to running an office. And Linux is free! Take a tour and get more out of your computer! Click HERE!
Install Linux

Installing with Windows is easy! We're going to get your computer to give you a choice whenever it starts: "Boot Linux or Windows?" And we'll give you some options for refreshing your Windows installation, too - as well as some options for removing Windows and switching to Linux completely! Let's supercharge your computer with the most powerful OS on the planet! Click HERE!
Steam for Linux

Linux supports Steam gaming. There are lots of easy ways to install Steam for Linux, and you can play games like Skyrim, Diablo III, World of Warcraft, and many others. New games are added all the time, like the Team Fortress 2, which is free to play. Learn about Steam for television, mobile devices, and more. Get Steam for Linux! Click HERE!
The Absolute Bottom
America offers little hope to individuals who fall through the cracks, and the cracks are worsening. An individual whose freedoms are abused is sometimes left with no opportunities to correct those abuses. Because of these problems, an individual can feel isolated, with nowhere to turn. A social "absolute bottom" could offer hope to individuals whose freedoms are abused. Click HERE!
Fitting In: Your Bicycle
It seems like the best cyclists have bikes that fit really well, while the rest of us ride bikes that don't quite fit. A bike that doesn't fit properly can cause a number of problems for the rider. I hope this information will help you get a bike that fits, so you can have an effective, enjoyable ride into the green revolution! Click HERE!
The Real Journey
"The Real Journey" serves as a quick and fun introduction to some of the topics available through this website. It is an interactive presentation that showcases exciting graphics, interesting quotes, and easy access to the newest features at Find out more about,, and Start your journey now!
Social Media
Social media has been a challenge for NewsKing because of some of the challenges we've taken on together. But if you like the site, and it's enriched your life, please give social media on NewsKing a try. The site will be here for you, produce free content, and respect your privacy. These are sensitive topics, but your participation is appreciated...
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Sport Net
Sport Net covers a lot of topics surrounding sports. Being a good sport, fans, sports betting, and more. Like many of the newer presentations, it also gives you an opportunity to express yourself in a number of ways. Click HERE!
BankNet is all about money! The idea is to find you financial help, financial advice, investment information, or simply a bank. We also handle gift cards. All with one easy login, or anonymously. BankNet wants to put some money in your pocket. You can even get options for food, shelter, healthcare, and education. Or fund that new shopping center you want to build. If you want the best, Click HERE!
Alcohol & Drugs
So, we're taking on alcohol and drugs. I think, along with President Obama, that the issue involves mental health, not just throwing people in jail, or saying that alcohol and/or drugs are bad for everyone. Because here's how we've been doing it, and how we're gonna do it. Does eating spicy food work with crack/cocaine? It's the chef's fault! It's a mental health issue, too. And they left out your partner, Thumper. Your enteric nervous system (your mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines, along with some other parts down there, can "process information" independently of the brain. Click HERE!
Medicine Hat
So, what's a "Medicine Hat?" The term comes to us from ancient, native, North American "Shamans." In a lot of places he wore a hat that said, "I handle this stuff." It's called a "Medicine Hat." The original focus of this presentation was new treatments for what are called "terminal" illnesses. A lot more is under the "Medicine Hat," though, including mental healthcare. Click HERE!
Climate Change
Global Climate Change is putting your life at risk, and slick politicians like Donald Trump have figured out how to link it to guns, your sex life, and racism. You're putting your life at risk, and the lives of your families at risk, if you listen to him. Don't fall for his shit. Be smart. Read this and make up your mind. Click HERE!
Loch Ness Monster
This presentation is about human sexuality and sexual orientation. They're two different things. Add the enteric nervous system to that (Thumper, on your upper left), and you're in for a good time! Click HERE!
The Barfing Frog
YouTube recently banned videos in which barfing (vomiting, puking, throwing up) was featured. Strangely, they called it "pornography." The new rule came out shortly after I published the Meet Thumper! presentation (on your upper left). I think their decision was wrong, and you'll be amazed at new information about barfing. In many cases, it's normal. Click HERE!
Sleeping Out Of Africa
Do you have trouble sleeping? As in falling asleep at night not due to anything like snoring? Well, the YingYang Bros. may be able to help. The new information is astonishing, and will take you on a journey from racism to diet and exercise. If you want a good night's sleep, you should definitely check out this post. Meet the YingYang Bros.! Click HERE!
Do you hate long division? Most people do. In fact, the only reason we have computers and the Internet and YouTube and Twitter is because humans aren't very good at long division. We're so bad at it we had to invent the computer to do it for us! Click HERE!
Themed Locations in China
This presentation compares themed locations in China to the real locations in Europe and the U.S., as well as to similarly inspired theme parks and vacation destinations. 168 gorgeous photos! Click HERE!
The Monty Hall Problem
The "Monty Hall Problem" is inspired by the game show "Let's Make A Deal," which was hosted by Monty Hall in the 1960's, 70's, and 80's. In many of the shows, the contestant was asked to choose one of three doors. One door had a prize behind it, and the other two doors had a gag. After the contestant picked a door, Monty revealed a gag from behind one of the other doors. Then Monty gave the contestant a chance to change thier bet. The famous "Monty Hall Problem" concludes that contestants who change their bet have a two-thirds chance of winning. Click HERE!
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