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Welcome to the NewsKing.com Archive! Instead of periodically posting new articles and updates, my plan for NewsKing.com and HomelandInsecurity.org is to let these sites evolve slowly. And by making these sites an archive, there will be more time for other projects and adventures.

Of course, this does not mean that NewsKing.com and HomelandInsecurity.org are an archive in the historical sense. It is still possible that new articles and updates will appear from time to time. But by choosing to make the sites an "archive," I am letting readers know what to expect in terms of changes to the sites.

Most of the topics featured on my sites are currently being talked about, so you are invited to send in your feedback at any time. Your feedback is important, and will contribute to my future plans for the websites.

Thank you for visiting NewsKing.com and HomelandInsecurity.org. Please enjoy the archive, and visit again soon!
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