Political Insecurity
Defining Terrorism: The Patriot Act & Other Failed Attempts
The Patriot Act is a bad piece of legislation for a lot of reasons. Attempts to modify the Patriot Act were made in 2005, but the Patriot Act still contains language that could result in the abuse of Americans. This is especially true of the definition of "terrorism." Yet few seem to be willing to seriously discuss the definition, or the lack of a definition for "aiding a terrorist." One reason could be that there is no widely accepted definition of terrorism. Within the U.S. government, different agencies and departments use different definitions of terrorism. In fact, even the people that do the spying use different definitions. Click HERE!
You're Not A Terrorist. So Why Care About Spying? 
This war is about behavior modification. The idea is that because you are being watched and blacklisted based on your political "profile," you will be less likely to attend, for example, an anti-war march or an environmental protest. If you are not the protesting type, you may just want to read a book about war or the environment. You can still checkout any book you want, but certain books, and certain political views, will get you on the list, and will cause your phone to be tapped. You can also be stopped by the secret police if you threaten the profits of those close to the administration by exposing illegal corruption, under the justification that you are a terrorist. Click HERE!
Intelligence Reform Bill Imprisons Americans
The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act appears to be aimed at crushing political resistance against the president and his "community" of spies. Some of the provisions include new ways to track the movements of political dissenters, new attempts to control the politics of working Americans, and a host of new excuses to spy on Americans who've done nothing wrong. Click HERE!
Stop Lost: Why Stop Loss Must Be Stopped
"Stop loss" creates hardship and undermines American democracy. We cannot allow an executive order and the tired old excuse of "national security" to be used to rewrite the words printed on contracts with the American people and the American soldier. Bypassing the democratic process to sneak around the words that constitute the rules is flatly wrong. Click HERE!
Stealing Democracy: Election Scandals, Illegal Ballots, & Political Corruption
Election scandals in the U.S. are effectively stealing democracy from the American people. The 2004 presidential election used punch cards that produced errors significant enough to possibly change the outcome of the election, and electronic ballots that do not produce a paper record. While this article focuses considerable attention on some of the startling problems with "butterfly ballots" that did not receive attention during the 2000 presidential election, the article also focuses on political corruption, and the abuses of democratic freedom that occurred during the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004, as well as the California recall, including some of my own terrifying experiences. Don't let democracy get stolen in another fraudulent election. Click HERE!
The 9/11 Commission Report
The 9/11 Commission's report is one of the most comprehensive and compelling documents produced by the United States government regarding the events surrounding 9/11. It is over 500 pages long, and responding to it is a project in itself. There are many arguments made in the report that I want to address, but I have narrowed my list to five topics that most closely relate to the information I have already written about. Click HERE!
Bush Irresponsible on Security: Good News on the Way
The Bush administration was wrong to threaten its political enemies and attempt to keep them silent, monitored, and harassed using policies, statements, and legislation. But through statements and actions such as those of Dick Cheney, they ended up destroying their position and making the whole national security debate seem like nothing more than a political ploy. Click HERE!
Does Democracy Threaten Our National Security?
The President's National Security Strategy argues that in order to "pre-empt" the spread and use of weapons of mass destruction ("WMD's"), the social, political, economic, and moral policies and principles of all nations, including our own, must be controlled using the economic and military power of the United States, under the direction of the Commander in Chief. In the case of disagreements, the administration will act decisively and exercise its own will, using any means necessary, to maintain its power and control over all ideas, in all nations, including the U.S. But such a strategy can only produce the complete and total destruction of the principles we cherish, producing a world in which the will of the administration is carried out using the economic and military power of the United States. Click HERE!
Officially Terrifying America: The Rhetoric of Homeland Security
The Homeland Security Act of 2002 permits the monitoring of everyone in the country, whether they are suspected of anything or not. You don't even have to publicly disagree with the administration to be monitored. The Department of Homeland Security will gather information from anyone ranging from your doctor to your local bank, as well as the databases of the FBI and CIA. It provides a way for the administration to eliminate political enemies, or anyone that disagrees with the administration and possesses sufficient power to undermine the administration's politics. If you think that once this war on terrorism is over it's back to normal, you're wrong. But a "permanent war" isn't an idea Americans should get used to, and it certainly shouldn't be used to justify the destruction of democratic freedom in order to carry out the will of the administration. Click HERE!
Government Hackers Invade Your Privacy
The military's Total Information Awareness System can be abused by leaders in order to suppress political dissent and frighten people who challenge their government. That is reason enough to abandon such a project. But the kinds of colossal errors made at the program's inception threaten privacy and security even more. Not only is it impossible to protect privacy and security in such a system due to the opinions of those charged with the duty, it is impossible to guard against errors that will inevitably lead to abuses of such a system. Just the errors in the flow chart presented by the Office of Information Awareness indicate that the people in charge of protecting our privacy and security are not up to the job, and depending on the nature of the mistake, may actually be seeking to undermine privacy and security altogether. Click HERE!
"Patriot II" Reveals Secret Plans to Destroy Freedom
The Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003, also known as the "Patriot II" Act, unnecessarily restricts freedom, increases spying and invasions of privacy, makes privacy into a weapon, targets immigrants, separates businesses and communities, and creates a DNA database that tracks the political enemies of the administration. Much of the document relies on an overly broad definition of terrorism that includes anyone who disagrees with the administration while shopping at a mall, sitting in a bar, talking on the phone, sending an email, or making a purchase. In light of these problems, the Patriot II Act leads one to the conclusion that its effects if passed will be mostly negative, and detrimental to freedom. Click HERE!
FBI To Investigate Buyers of Fuel-Efficient Cars?
It sounds ridiculous to some people to say that the FBI may begin investigating Americans who purchase fuel-efficient cars, but that really isn't the point of this article. The FBI has now pressured Congress, using undisclosed tactics, to gain the authority to probe the records of so-called "terrorists," which may include anyone who criticizes the President, by examining the records of "car dealers, pawnbrokers, travel agents, casinos, and other businesses [...] ...without the approval of a judge or grand jury" Somehow, the debate was conducted in secret, away from public scrutiny, and away from some of the Congressional committees representing the American public that should have had a say in the matter. Does this really have anything to do with fuel-efficient cars? Click HERE!
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