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The Archive focuses on topics related to privacy and the abuse of government power. Bad legislation, along with government projects and decisions, are collectively suppressing political dissent.
[T]he Patriot Act still contains language that could result in the abuse of Americans. This is especially true of the definition of "terrorism." Yet few seem to be willing to seriously discuss the definition, or the lack of a definition for "aiding a terrorist." One reason could be that there is no widely accepted definition of terrorism. Within the U.S. government, different agencies and departments use different definitions of terrorism. In fact, even the people that do the spying use different definitions.

"The definition of terrorism depends on political power. Governments can increase their power when they label opponents as 'terrorists' [or dissenters as 'aiding terrorists']. Citizens seem more willing to accept more abuses of government power when a counterterrorist campaign is in progress. 'Terrorists' do not enjoy the same humanitarian privileges as 'people'..."

The Homeland Security Act of 2002 permits the monitoring of everyone in the country, whether they are suspected of anything or not. [...] The Department of Homeland Security will gather information from anyone ranging from your doctor to your local bank, as well as the databases of the FBI and CIA.

It sounds ridiculous to some people to say that the FBI may begin investigating Americans who purchase fuel-efficient cars, but... The FBI has... pressured Congress... to gain the authority to probe the records of so-called "terrorists..." by examining the records of "car dealers, pawnbrokers, travel agents, casinos, and other businesses [...] ...without the approval of a judge or grand jury..."

[President Bush's] National Security Strategy argues that in order to "pre-empt" the spread and use of weapons of mass destruction..., the social, political, economic, and moral policies and principles of all nations, including our own, must be controlled using the economic and military power of the United States...

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