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- Einstein and Maxwell - Dec. 31, 2007
- Nietzsche and Descartes - Dec. 31, 2007
- RIAA Goes Crazy - Dec. 30, 2007
- Y2K - Dec. 29, 2007
- FBI Tries TIA Component - Updated Dec. 27, 2007
- Corporate Personhood - Dec. 24, 2007
- Baseless Assumptions - Dec. 22, 2007
- Disturbed by the Internet - Dec. 22, 2007
- Zimbardo's "Stanford Prison Study" - Dec. 22, 2007
- Mars, War, and Fertility - Dec. 22, 2007
- My Tumor - Updated Dec. 23, 2007
Context (Election Years) - Dec. 20, 2007
- The Printing Press - Dec. 18, 2007
- Choose a Category - Dec. 17, 2007
- Stop Media Consolidation Now! - Dec. 17, 2007
- Art Display No. 945679 - Dec. 17, 2007
- America: It's Great at the Top - Dec. 6, 2007
- Holding U.S. College Students Hostage - Dec. 6, 2007
- Answer This Question - Updated Dec. 5, 2007
- Philosophy Class - Dec. 2, 2007
- The Ranger Station - Nov. 23, 2007
- Arrested - Nov. 21, 2007
- My New Toupé - Nov. 19, 2007
- Internet Radio - Nov. 11, 2007
- Hard at Work - Nov. 6, 2007
- Department of Terrorist Imagination - Nov. 1, 2007
- The Milgram Experiment - Updated Nov. 15, 2007
- TV of the Future - Oct. 18, 2007
- VNR's - Oct. 16, 2007
- Voting - Updated Oct. 16, 2007
- Student Loans - Oct. 1, 2007
- Russia & China Spying - Sep. 21, 2007
- Bank Balances - Sep. 6, 2007
- Vista - Aug. 8, 2007

Einstein and Maxwell - Dec. 31, 2007

Einstein was the E=MC2 guy (among other things). The "C" represents the speed of light in a vacuum.

Einstein used Maxwell's equations for the speed of light. I am wondering about the effects of changing Maxwell's equations, in various ways, on Einstein's theories. Just to see. (Apparently I'm not the only one - read this article's last sentence.)

Nietzsche and Descartes - Dec. 31, 2007

There is a lot of information about these two philosophers. For now, I want to call my idea "Nietzsche was stuck on Descartes."

If I ever decide to seriously explore that, I also think it would be possible, using Russell and Whitehead, to generate statements like:

"Postmodernism is a mathematical concept."

That's supposed to be funny...

RIAA Goes Crazy - Dec. 30, 2007

Is this RIAA's sense of humor? I would normally think that something like this just wasn't a real news story. Viral, underground news or something. But here it is. The RIAA just went crazy. I think I know why:

The industry's own Web site says that making a personal copy of a CD that you bought legitimately may not be a legal right, but it "won't usually raise concerns," as long as you don't give away the music or lend it to anyone (WP).

Y2K - Dec. 29, 2007

I used to like to ask people about Y2K and computers crashing. Did you think the world would end? Armageddon? Did you unplug your computer? Purchase software? Etc.

People get pissed off when I ask this. I still think it is funny. I must have a warped sense of humor. I thought the set of the VMA's in 1999 (or was it 2000)
did a good job representing certain aspects of Y2K. Maybe it's just me, but I think it is funny to run with that.

I do this kind of thing because, of all the things that effect us, there are certain things that seem to make a big impact. Biology, customs, economics, laws, media, etc. I want information about these things.

Talking about it costs dearly (I unplugged my computer). You have to be able to laugh about Y2K here.

FBI Tries TIA Component - Dec. 25, 2007

[UPDATED - Dec. 26-27, 2007: The text below has been edited for accuracy.]

The first time they tried it, they drew a chart. This time they're only going with Bush's promise!

I'm talking about the FBI's new database. I wrote about the military version around 2002-03, when we were provided with the chart below instead of just a promise from Bush. So, where is the new chart? [Or is this the chart...? Thanks to the Homeland Security and PATRIOT Acts, it may or may not look like what I discovered... So, Bush's word won't do it.]

Click HERE for the article!

[The chart came from the IAO's website (1). Someone archived the chart, and the IAO website, here. I linked to the IAO site here.] The Wikipedia article (1) I linked to states:

To some, these developments are seen as another step down the slippery slope to a totalitarian state. Others believe that development of these technologies is inevitable and that designing systems and policies to control their use is a more effective strategy than simple opposition that has resulted in research and development projects migrating into classified programs.

I think the best policy to control such a system is to consider its development and use a violation of privacy.

-----HUMOR----- (This is only humor, I completely understand everything...)

BOSS: "You're supposed to know what that little icon means! It means do not invade without first consulting U.S. Code §r93428rh."

WORKER: "Sorry, boss, I'm used to the icons being in the upper right!"


1) Wikipedia. (2007). Information Awareness Office., 27 December 2007.

Corporate Personhood - Dec. 24, 2007

This is an important debate that has been going on for a long time, and it is still very relevant today!

Baseless Assumptions - Dec. 22, 2007

This story is loaded with tempting information. Based on what is discussed, you can't ask him to prove what amounts to "how he deserves his money" because of the presence of marijuana. Whatever happened, there appear to be baseless assumptions in the drug laws.

Disturbed by the Internet - Dec. 22, 2007

I've heard a lot of information about users' accounts, and their contents, being deleted by Internet companies. The practice destroys arguments against file sharing. That's good. But the artists (here, the "users") should still have certain rights related to their work.

Zimbardo's "Stanford Prison Study" - Dec. 22, 2007

This is an interesting video that discusses Dr. Philip Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Study, as well as the related Milgram Experiment.

Dr. Zimbardo also hosted a PBS television course in the U.S. called Discovering Psychology. He's really good at talking about psychology.

Mars, War, and Fertility - Dec. 22, 2007

Mars, the now peaceful God of War and Fertility, is under attack again! (and again...)

My Tumor - Dec. 21, 2007

[UPDATE - Dec. 23, 2007: The text below has been edited for accuracy.]

I'd noticed it a few days ago, and it was growing. A tumor, right on my collarbone. I could see it through the skin. I thought it might be shoulder cancer.

Since an employment relationship had just ended, I was going to lose my health insurance the next day. I knew enough about the healthcare system to know I couldn't wait for a proper diagnosis. I had to act fast. I decided to remove the tumor myself and then go to the emergency room.

I sterilized the equipment - pliers, a box-cutter blade, tweezers, cuticle scissors, and a straight pin. After applying a spray-on "analgesic" from the drug store, I grabbed the tumor with the pliers and cut into it with the razor blade. I discovered a white membrane covering a pouch. I stuck the pin through it and it popped like a zit. I cut the rest of the membrane and pouch out with the scissors (in case there was cancer).

Then I cleaned up, applied a band-aid, and went to the emergency room. After a nine-hour wait, the doctor told me she didn't want to touch it, because she didn't know what I'd done, and that I should not cut on myself. She prescribed an antibiotic.

After looking around on the Internet, going to the library, and getting Poison Ivy, I decided I didn't have cancer. It sounded like a swollen lymph node, contributed to by overdoing it at the gym (1). A steroid, like what was prescribed when I got Poison Ivy, probably would have fixed me. Of course, I have adjusted my fitness routine since that time. I don't encourage the use of steroids, nor do I use them, but we do need more knowledge in this area.

So, I have to sympathize with this article... We need to be able to go to the doctor.

Anyway, that was a few years ago. The whole thing was just a few weeks long - a blip in a life full of cool adventures!


1) There are a number of other things I want to discuss here, but tonight isn't the night!

Context (Election Years) - Dec. 20, 2007

Another election year is almost upon us. We are fighting for our survival.

Was the movie The Pursuit of Happyness an "up from the bootstraps tale" or "socially abnormal?" I think it is socially abnormal for someone to go through what the main character went through. Some psychologists may consider such a view a social disorder (because our society doesn't have an absolute bottom, the view may or may not be construed as anti-social). The movie had a happy ending.

It is hard to admit we need an absolute bottom in an environment without one.

You have to get over death. Because we are fighting for our survival.

Enjoy the election year! :)

The Printing Press - Dec. 18, 2007

The printing press started a revolution [VIDEO]. Now they're trying to roll back our personal printing presses by reserving printing for the wealthy. Why can't I find cartridges for my Imagewriter II? Is my 3-month-old printer more expensive to refill with ink than buying a new printer?

Choose a Category - Dec. 17, 2007

Choose a category from the list below:
Science and Society
Politics and Religion
Arts and Entertainment
Drugs and Pornography
News and Information
Sports and Fitness

Stop Media Consolidation Now! - Dec. 17, 2007

Stop media consolidation now! (Save the internet, too!)

Art Display No. 945679 - Dec. 17, 2007

Art Display No. 945679 - "It's More Than Global"

It's More Than Global...
It's Universal. - Click HERE!

America: It's Great at the Top - Dec. 6, 2007

America is great at the top, but we need to make it great at the bottom. America needs an Absolute Bottom!

Holding U.S. College Students Hostage - Dec. 6, 2007

According to a provision in this bill, the federal government wants to hold college students hostage. They want to essentially shut down colleges by cutting all student funding.

Answer This Question - Dec. 4, 2007

UPDATE - Dec. 5, 2007: [The text below has been edited for accuracy.]
You read this sentence on the Internet:
"The man is by the fence."
Now, answer this question:
"Is the man friendly?"
The man might jump the fence.
The man might have stolen something.
The man might be gay.
The man might change his mind.
Not enough information to decide.

Philosophy Class - Dec. 2, 2007

I try to make sure this site will be easy to understand, but sometimes group discussion is helpful. So I thought, why not a class? It isn't necessary, of course, but if you have the time, it might be worth it.

There are a number of disciplines discussed on this site, especially philosophy (though I can't leave out psychology, sociology, economics, political science, physics, and a number of others). So I thought this might be helpful. You might want to try a philosophy class.

Maybe you've already graduated, or maybe it isn't time for college. Maybe you're retired, or maybe college wasn't for you. No matter what your situation, most colleges and universities should be able to accommodate you for at least one class.

If you're already in college, you can always audit. Otherwise, start in the Administration Office. Explain your situation, and ask who you can talk to about simply taking a class. If you're thinking about taking a philosophy class, tell them you are interested in science and religion. See how much it will cost, and ask about financial aid or special programs. Many schools hold public lectures free of charge. Find out if you can use the library. (Grab a "class schedule" before you leave.)

If you don't get anywhere, go online and check the course offerings (or use the class schedule). Show up for class and talk to the professor.

Enjoy yourself!

The Ranger Station - Nov. 23, 2007

I'd found the perfect spot to camp. No one around, beautiful view. The sun was now setting. I'd barely found a spot before dark due to the park ranger's lousy directions...

The ranger told me I could camp on the side of the highway for free, but that there were no free campgrounds. I asked if there were places where I could pull off the highway, and he smiled and said he knew of a few. I never did find the spot he described, but like he said, there were pull-offs all over the place. They were dirt roads that wound around in a maze, deep in the forests. He said no one would mind if I camped on these roads.

So I settled into the spot I'd found and the sun went down. It was pitch-dark. An hour or so later, I heard someone yelling something as they drove by my car. I turned on the parking lights. They drove by again and stopped by my car for a second, then sped away. About 10 minutes later, the same vehicle came back a third time, but with four or five people in the car. This time I could hear what they were saying. I rolled down my window and yelled at them, and they drove away.

I started thinking I should leave, and that the park ranger had tricked me. I made my way down the dirt road and quickly realized - I was lost. I couldn't find my way back to the highway. There were no road signs; just dirt roads that all looked the same. I turned around and tried to make my way back to where I started. Then I saw headlights coming for me.

The other car turned on their interior light. It was a Native American guy with a cowboy hat. He smiled at me and nodded. He waited as I turned my car around to follow him, and then he led me to the highway.

I quickly drove back into town. I went to a grocery store and bought groceries. And a dozen eggs. I went back to the ranger station and egged it. Then I left town. There was a motel at the next exit...

Arrested - Nov. 21, 2007

The charge was "criminal trespassing." I fell asleep in my car, and the park I was in closed at 11pm. I'd rather not mention the time or place.

The officers seemed concerned for my safety. Apparently, I was in danger there.

I was informed that close to where I was sleeping, there were satanic circles carved into the ground. And rapes had occurred in this park... Gay rapes. My heart started racing as I bent over the hood of the police cruiser.

The officers told me I could stay and fight the arrest, or just leave the state. I already wanted to stay and fight. And I wanted to find out more about the Gay Satan-Worshiping Rapists (the GSWR). After all, I'm the NewsKing.

I laughed, and one of the officers then asked me why I was in the park. Surely, they did not suspect I was in the GSWR! I explained that I thought I could camp there, and asked if I could put on my shoes and pants.

The next day I returned to the park, and looked around more carefully. It was raining. I watched as a man on a tractor mowed the lawn in the rain, carving concentric circles around a tree. Were these the satanic circles? What was really going on? It is funny how these urban legends get started, if thatís what they really are...

I never did figure out what the GSWR was, but I got the arrest dismissed and expunged in court.

My New Toupé - Nov. 19, 2007

I just bought a new Toupé. Not for my head - that's shaved - it's for my bike!

It's an awesome saddle!

Internet Radio - Nov. 11, 2007

I put a link to the homepages of these radio stations, as well as a "listen" link that should work in Winamp over a high speed connection. If the "listen" link doesn't work, or you need a different connection speed, click on the call letters of the radio station to go to their homepage. (You might also want to visit the homepages to check their schedules and find out when they play various types of music.)

Cool Stations
KASC - Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ [listen]
WONC - North Central College, Naperville, IL [listen]
WKNC - NC State University, Raleigh, NC [listen]
KSDB - Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS [listen]
RainyDawg - Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA [listen]
KEXP - Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA [listen]

Hard at Work - Nov. 6, 2007

I just really thought this was funny - not that I agree or disagree with the article in any way...

Department of Terrorist Imagination - Nov. 1, 2007

This is the Department of Terrorist Imagination (1).

(I want to sign-up as a "homegrown terrorist." I want people to be more afraid of my "personal nuke." I am a thought-criminal!)


1) United States. (2007). Cong. House of Representatives. Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. 110th Congress, H.R. 1955. Washington:

The Milgram Experiment - Oct. 29, 2007

UPDATE - Nov. 15, 2007: [This post has been edited for content.]

I read this story (and watched the videos) involving a guy that called around to a bunch of different [businesses of a similar nature] claiming to be a policeman, and tricked the managers into sexually abusing the employees. (The whole thing was similar - in a way - to the Milgram experiment.) But it got me thinking... American's LOVE to ["boss each other around" in various ways] at work. Of course, I'm not just talking about what happened in the article.

In a lot of its forms, there’s usually nothing "wrong" with it, assuming you can get away from it, but why at work? With no "absolute bottom," we are [undermining] each other's ability to have food and shelter whenever something goes wrong. [...]

And what about soldiers who "live at work?" (Although soldiers do have their own department in the unemployment office that actually finds them a job. Soldiers also wait in a separate line whenever they need a job... There are recruiters there, too.)

(After receiving feedback on this post, [I thought this was funny...])

TV of the Future? - Oct. 18, 2007

Below is an image of a TV screen in the year 2505 from the movie Idiocracy. Following it are images of present-day (2007) web video screens from Fox News and CNN. All of the images - Idiocracy, Fox News, and CNN - feature video screens bordered by ads.

TV screen in year 2505 from movie Idiocracy

Video screen from current Fox News web site

Video screen from current CNN web site

The videos on the Fox News and CNN website are also preceded and proceeded by video advertisements. I understand this is an emerging trend and I hope it will not prevail.

VNR's - Oct. 16, 2007

The VNR sounds like an awful idea. And apparently, the Bush administration has used VNR's to release fake news stories.

Here are some links I've found:

Voting - Oct. 14, 2007

(UPDATED AND EDITED: 16-10-2007-1) Good articles about voting:
Florida gets new voting machines
My article
Wikipedia's article on ballots (I thought the image of the German ballot was interesting - it had a blue field and two rows of something similar to a "chad")
A good paper from Michael Alvarez at CalTech

Student Loans - Oct. 1, 2007

Have you heard about the "Wild West" industry of "private" student loans (1)? If you are considering student loans, you can get a "federal" student loan (1), as opposed to a "private" loan, by visiting your college's financial aid office (2) and filling out a FAFSA, or going to For the most part, your income and credit history, as well as the income and credit history of your parents/guardians, does not effect your approval for a "federal" student loan, whether you or your parents/guardians are millionaires or unemployed. Although there are still various problems, you are better protected from America's financial system with "federal" student loans, even though you may or may not have to deal with the same lenders that also offer "private" student loans on different terms. If your school offers you a list of lenders for a "federal" student loan, check the repayment terms offered on the lenders' websites. If you aren't satisfied, you can always "consolidate" your "federal" student loan(s) with a different lender after you graduate, including lenders not listed by your college as well as the federal government. Consolidating your student loans may reduce the amount of interest you pay on the loan.

Unfortunately, "private" student loans are advertised in the media, while "federal" student loans are usually discovered at your college's financial aid office.

It is also very difficult to get most types of student loans discharged in bankruptcy.

If you are a parent/guardian, state governments offer "529 Savings Plans" for parents/guardians, described (on page 55) HERE, or at, along with other programs and deductions for parents/guardians. Here is another link that also appeared to be a resource for 529 savings plans, but I have no idea whether it is a good resource. You should contact the appropriate department or agency in your state.


1) Both "federal" and "private" student loans are offered to all students, regardless of whether they attend a "public" or "private" institution

2) Most financial aid offices are friendly places, but a few are not. If you are unlucky and encounter a hostile environment at the financial aid office, do not be afraid. The financial aid office does not approve your loan or determine how much you get, even though they may or may not attempt to masquerade as "bankers." All they do is process forms. Just try to submit your application by the deadline. Check the state deadlines, too, as well as your school deadline.

Russia & China Spying - Sep. 21, 2007

[EDIT: Check out for more blog entries of this type] I am outraged to learn that spying by Russia and China on the U.S. has returned to Cold War levels. In an effort to get more information about all of this, I sent the following emails to the governments of Russia and China.

(I used the best email addresses I could find on their respective official home pages - and

-----RUSSIA EMAIL-----

Aleksey Alekseevich

Dear Sir:

It has been reported that spying on the U.S. by Russia has returned to Cold War levels. It has been rumored that this increase may be related to the U.S.'s domestic spying program. Can you provide direction for research on any of this information?

T.J. Newton

P.S. If these reports are indeed true, you should not spy on the people of the United States.

-----CHINA EMAIL-----

Hu Jintao

Dear Sir:

It has been reported that spying on the U.S. by China has returned to Cold War levels. It has been rumored that this increase may be related to the U.S.'s domestic spying program. Can you provide direction for research on any of this information?

T.J. Newton

P.S. If these reports are indeed true, you should not spy on the people of the United States.

Bank Balances - Sep. 6, 2007

What's your real balance? You can call the bank, go to the branch, and check online, but somehow the balance remains a mystery. They say you should write down every purchase, but fees, subcriptions, and dues can still sneak up. Besides, there is no place to write down anything on a debit card.

Indeed, inaccurate balances for debit cards seem to be part of a scam that can put over $1000.00 in the banks' pocket. You check your balance, use your debit card, and somehow go over the limit. The card keeps working, and charges you a $35.00 fee for each purchase, and sometimes, $100.00 a day for going over the limit. A few $5.00 purchases can easily turn into a $1000.00 or more in fees. It sucks.

Unless you write checks, the bank knows your real balance in most cases. Whatever features might be offered to prevent this from happening don't seem to be active on most accounts, and the bank will refuse to simply turn off your card if you go over the limit. Whatever way you want to look at the problem, $1000.00 in fees charged to a consumer who went $10.00 over the limit seems abusive, especially if they trusted their bank balance.

Vista - Aug. 8, 2007

So, I tried "Windows Vista Home Premium" and was disturbed by a message it produced while editing NewsKing. It said NewsKing "[is] running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer." The only "script" being run entails the Google Powered Search Engine, which I set up following Google's examples. When I click Internet Explorer 7's information bar, it says my Google Powered Search Engine "indicat[es] a possible scam or the sale of illegal or pirated products" and that users should "completely trust the publisher." So, should I trust Microsoft?

I usually use Linux, and my computer works right. If you use Mozilla Firefox in Windows Vista, you can also run scripts.

Microsoft wrote this "thesis." That was my main point.

Working Disclaimer: Your feedback will be interpreted with these statements in mind...

This is not professional writing. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the author(s). It does not reflect the views associated with "Newsking sites" or associated entities.

I sometimes put my foot in my mouth in a big way, which is why this blog can't be associated with my professional writing. My social responsibility for "blogging" has so far been undefined by society, but I do not intend for this to affect my public life. Please take it light!

Prior entries may be edited (with notation?). Since it's a "blog?"

I may or may not use "drugs," alcohol, and certain foods in the production of this "blog." Keep it light!

I did not "just solve a problem" or "just cause a problem." For anyone. As in, please keep it light!

This blog occasionally contains humor.

Please enjoy yourself!
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