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This presentation is addressing very new topics. The topics involve the enteric nervous system, also called the "second brain" in humans, and accordingly, most mammals. We think birds might have this, too, but there's not enough information available. There's barely enough information available to do just this. But there's enough. We're going talk about the "second brain" that resides in your "gut" (mouth, throat, stomach, intestines, and some other parts), sexuality, and sexual orientation. Brace yourself!

Sexual orientation may require fantasy, and the ability to fantasize requires consciousness in humans, in mammals, and just generally. By generally, I mean it could be as simple as enough nerve endings coming together. There's not enough information available about all of that, but we're gonna give this a try.

Presentations about the enteric nervous system related to this one feature characters. The main character of this presentation is the Loch Ness Monster, a legendary beast believed to inhabit a lake in Scotland. If the enteric nervous system is indeed a second brain, it might not really be a beast. We'll find out.

A big part of this presentation is The Kinsey Study, which places sexual orientation on a scale. Imagine a ruler. On one side is "straight," and on the other side is "gay." Most people fall in the middle. But what if the ruler has no ends? What if it keeps going at both ends? That would mean everyone is gay.

We've characterized your second brain as a rabbit. But given our understanding of various issues, we made it look like the Loch Ness Monster. Hang on! This ride will be fun...

Before we talk about sexual orientation, we need to differentiate it from sexuality. This is the hardest part. "Sexuality" is what gets you off. "Sexual orientation" is whether you label yourself "gay" or "straight." The two are related.

What I'm basically saying is that there is no "gay" or "straight." There are degrees, making some people gayer than others. We're crunching it down to sexuality, which requires fantasy, which requires consciousness.

Whether your fantasy is a boy or a girl, it's a fantasy. It doesn't have to apply to everyone in the world. The world will be fine. It's a bunch of mammals fucking. Nevermind the insects...

The Kinsey Study is the best study we have regarding sexual orientation and sexuality. It's debated. Like, Kinsey used a Q-tip/cotton swab to try to figure out what felt pleasurable to females. It has been argued that other parts of the female genitalia are involved when a Q-tip is not used. Yo, I have a big dick, too... Heh. It's that ghetto...

That's all we fucking know. Yeah! But what we can take away from the Kinsey study is that with regard to sexual orientation (gay or straight), people fall onto a scale. Not like a scale where you weigh yourself, a scale like a rainbow. On one end is red, and on the other end is violet. Most people are green. In other words, most people are bisexual. The rest is fantasy.

I'm arguing this (and, yes, this is brand fucking new) because the Kinsey scale assumed "absolute gay" and "absolute straight" and put most people in the middle. But what if there isn't an absolute? Do you remember the "number line?" Because we're dealing with numbers. And quantum physics, but there's another post for that. The number line goes on forever in both directions. You can never reach "absolute gay" or "absolute straight." What's less than 0? "-1" is less than zero. And you can count down forever. You'll never hit the bottom number. You'll never hit "gay" or "straight." It's just, like, some people are more gay than others, and we use fantasy, which requires consciousness...

Were you on the number line? Heh. Well guess what? You have a "second brain" entangled in your reproductive organs. It's called the enteric nervous system, and has about as many nerve endings as a cat's brain, or two-thirds of a cat's entire nervous system. So I picked a rabbit. He's a Disney rabbit named "Thumper."

So what about that? We know that Thumper can process information independently of the brain. We have no idea if Thumper is conscious, but studies suggest that when enough nerve ending come together, consciousness occurs. So, maybe Thumper can use the prefrontal cortex in your brain to achieve consciousness. Not enough information available, although studies suggest that Thumper has a "neural pathway" to the prefrontal cortex. We don't know what Thumper thinks about, if he even "thinks," either for himself or using the prefrontal cortex, but we're studying him. The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain in your head where studies show that "you," as in the conscious "you," reside.

Thumper has a lot of ways to talk to you that we have very little information about. Like, he can fart and get rid of the bloat in your stomach muscles, tighten you up, and make you horny (sexually aroused). There's also a lymphatic pathway. He can get rid of fat on very specific muscles and make you horny. Or maybe that's your prefrontal cortex, or some other, more primitive, part of the brain in your head doing that. We have no fucking idea. We know the lymphatic system responds to exercise.

But Thumper is here. And we have a new field called neurogastroenterology to figure this out. Maybe Thumper plays a role on where you fall on the Kinsey scale. Maybe it's him, and not your prefrontal cortex. There are other primitive parts of the brain that may have a path to Thumper, too, such as the amygdala. We think the amygdala plays a role in emotion. Aggression, which may play a role in sexual fantasy, may be a relationship between Thumper, the amygdala, the prefrontal cortex, society, and available fantasies. Think about it if you can stop thumping for 5 minutes...

Nevermind testosterone, estrogen, melatonin, sunlight, the fact that everyone is fucking black, that you go through a period of life called puberty in which you are under the influence of "nature's drugs," and that you would die at 30 without doctors and shit, right after you reproduce. Nevermind that. Let's keep going...

Do you get it yet? Are you fucking stupid? Nah, I don't teach that way...

We're dealing with a theory that seems to run, but with very little information, and a few "black boxes." What do I mean by that? There's something called "black box philosophy" that basically means not enough information is available about certain parts of a system. Like, we don't know what's wrong, but we know if you're alive or dead. The rest is a "black box." So we sell you drugs and shit, and if this or that drug keeps you alive, fuckin' great!

So, we have a theory on consciousness, Thumper, a prefrontal cortex, drugs, chemicals, environment, and society. And it seems to lead toward fantasy. But there are a million black boxes in there. This is a model. I think it's on the correct path, but there's not enough fucking information available. Do you worship a virgin born of a virgin and drop bombs for oil to power your truck?

Scientific speculation is a very specific form of fantasy. It's very careful, and follows strict rules. But there's big money, drugs, healthcare, and other shit involved...

So, given that I've introduced a model, people are going to try to figure out those black boxes mentioned above. We want them to. What we don't want them to do is speculate. Like, "I've figured out the black box, and without studying anything, I'mma sell you Drug X and take down your website!"

I know there are alot of very smart people out there, but we want to shift your speculation into an empirical study (empirical means you have results you understand, like "data.") However, you can shift your scientific speculation, even if it's really smart stuff with a pending empirical study, into fantasy.

Fantasy requires consciousness, which is also debated. Is the table really there in front of you, or are you just dreaming everything around you? Maybe you're not really thinking. Maybe it's just some atoms bouncing off of other atoms, and since the bouncing started with the Big Bang, everything is written in stone. How could you possibly "decide" something given the bounce chain? What goes on in the bouncy castle?

That's the old school way of looking at it. Scientists got really pissed about the dream thing. Yeah, the table is there, and we have enough confidence in ourselves to figure out if it's a trick or a dream. Let's get them studies funded and move onto fantasy. That's the next section.

One of the "big ideas" behind the "free world" is that you have the right to make shit up (freedom of religion), and we have the right to try and figure it and talk about it (freedom of speech).

For all this to work, we need consciousness. We need a space in which to make shit up and figure shit out. We call it "consciousness," and we're just getting started with it scientifically. There are people who figured out part of it, but were wrong about other parts. Like, if I shove a steel rod through one of your ears, and shove so hard it comes out of the other ear, and you start slobbering but can still talk and remember certain things, it kind of throws a monkey wrench into the old concept of a mind. That mind was a soul.

What I did is still a mind, but it is very different than that. You can read about in one of the links below. But hey, feel free to make shit up and figure shit out.

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