T.J. Newton  

So, what's a "Medicine Hat?" It's a city in Alberta, Canada for starters. But the term comes to us from ancient, native, North American "Shamans." A Shaman is like a cross between a doctor and a religious high-ranker. I mean, you've heard of the placebo effect, right? You take a pill with nothing but sugar in it, and are told it's the newest headache drug, and your headaches go away. A Shaman would give you some herbs in an elaborate ceremony, and try to fix whatever was wrong with you, even if it were more serious than a headache. Your life was in this guy's hands. And in a lot of places he wore a hat that said, "I handle this stuff." It's called a "Medicine Hat."

The original focus of this presentation was new treatments for what are called "terminal" illnesses. A "terminal" illness is one that leads to death and has no cure. There are treatments, though, and in some cases, something like a cure, but it can wear off.

After some research, it turned out that there was more concern about certain diseases if you look at the health of the world overall. I'd need to turn this website into Wikipedia to kill every germ (that's humor), but we're gonna talk about these areas of concern and discuss the treatments, especially emerging treatments, and possible cures.

There are other illnesses that aren't "terminal." For example, Kidney Disease can kill you, and the treatment may not lead to a cure, but kidney replacement usually fixes it. It's not an advanced cancer, but there isn't a cure except in specific cases. And there are diseases that usually, if you get them treated, won't kill you, but can reduce your quality of life since there is no cure. Crohn's disease, which affects the part of the body we call "Thumper," is a good example. We'll get to Thumper later. But we get to talk about the healthcare system in general here, not only in the U.S., but around the world. We have people who have to be flown to India for a kidney transplant.

We're also going to about Mental Health, especially with regard to drug use, including illegal drugs. We'll also get into things like "hearing voices" and "identity oscillation." There are a number of social issues involved in Mental Health. Like, it might not be you. The world around you might be the problem. Usually, it's a little of both. And it could lead to suicide sometimes, so we'll talk about that... Oh, and does good and evil, or right and wrong, play a role in all of this? What about the legal system?

Coming off suicide, we've got some interesting theories from the scientific community that conflict with one another. Is your "purpose" to reproduce, or merely "aid in reproduction?" Or is that a primitive way of looking at it? Should you be loyal to a single partner, or just loyal to yourself, and how does that affect your health and the role you play in society? How do political systems affect society? What about economics?

How does diet and fitness, along with society and mental health play a role? We'll explore that. Like, if they're putting an ingredient used in concrete/cement manufacture into your French fries to keep them from getting soggy, and you think eating those fries is just fine, how do you explain your heart disease? Is it your fault? Why do kids seem like little endurance athletes? Should you ever tell a kid to "sit still?" Is there such a thing as "muscle memory?" Not to mention "flex theory." And what's the best diet and fitness plan?

We'll finish up with issues about lifespan, how you should feel if you make it to "old," emerging diseases and the threat they pose to making it to "old," and the best we can expect. Yo, we expect the best! And we're gonna try!

Some time ago, I wrote a presentation called The Absolute Bottom. It was about experiencing discrimination, financial difficulties, difficulties on the job, and then getting sick on top of it all. It expanded into a "safety net"; an array of assistance programs designed to get people back on their feet, and improve their lives if they're suffering.

The presentation directly accused Americans of trying to hurt one another. And that's why I want to talk about Obamacare. Red (let's just call them racist southern states), sued. Even after being offered a fuckton of money from the federal government, they found a way to convince themselves to not provide healthcare for people living below the poverty line. In these states, the job market is stacked so that those people are black.

Obamacare isn't perfect, but the Medicaid expansion is vital to making it work. The Supreme Court ruled the expansion - and all that free money - should be up to the states. These states refused the money. They colluded with any "doctors" who would take their side.

Obamacare also eliminates "caps" on coverage. In other words, if you get really, really sick and Obamacare isn't there, your health insurance company will simply let you die, even though you paid them all those years. The argument goes, "If you were smarter, you'd have been richer, and not had to deal with that. Oh, and we're not being racist about the jobs we'll give people like you in this red state. Nah, you're just stupid..."

And there are other issues not even being acknowledged, like illegal drug use. They throw you in jail for feeling good even though you have a low income. Rather than treat it as a mental health issue involving social psychology, they just put you away. Which brings us to mental health.

Your physical and mental health are related. In other words, what they say to you, how they act, their approach to healthcare, their society, and their own mental health can combine to form "life or death" situations. Even wars. We have drugs designed to make you not consume wine, the blood of Jesus, during your holy communion in Christianity, for example. They substitute grape juice and Xanax, but you can only get the Xanax in red states if you're white.

Then they pressure you to eat fried chicken laced with MSG and ingredients found in concrete/cement, and sell you pills and surgeries for heart disease if you're a Southern Fried white. Low-income minorities get to sit at the table, but they die without the pills and surgeries. Racism is at the heart of healthcare in America. We just voted for President Ronald McDonald after a member of Congress said "Mexicans have big calf (leg) muscles!"

Keep all that in mind when they cut you open to cut out your cancer. We generally hold that mental health and diseases like cancer aren't related. Antibiotics kill infection no matter how down you are psychologically. Physical and mental health are related through the healthcare system...

Mental health is a tough topic. Is it just atoms in a "Big Bang?" Is it just biology? Are you conscious? Should we pay money to fix you because you have a life? What is your issue, exactly? Well, we're gonna start slow. The penises and vaginas will come out later.

We've got this "slider" down there that's mathematical. Religion also jumps in. It's handled by Philosophy of Science. There's not enough information available about consciousness, death, heavens, hells, and Gods. But it seems to affect your mental health.

We're starting with "true" and "false" based on "subject" and "object," which together form "objectivity." It's hard to get there. We need something called a "slider" to get there. The way it works may be related to Einstein.

You have to get there before you can even talk about something like "Mental Health." And how do other people and their beliefs affect you? Things like economics and racism can affect your mental health. Even something as simple as a banking algorithm could affect your behavior. Or something like dehydration.

We also get to talk about diet, farting, traffic, and computer software. It'll be fun! Anyway, if you look at the "sliders" below, you start from the bottom. "Good" is probably not the same thing as "True," so you slide those arrows around and get a "score." Best I could do, and probably the best we've go t...

Before you declare yourself a science, religion, and mental health expert, there's someone you should me et... I call him "Thumper."

Studies suggest you have a second brain made up of your mouth, throat, stomach, intestines, and other parts. We can't confirm this part of you is "awake," as in "conscious" like you (and the prefrontal cortex in your brain, which is the part that puts the "you" in you are), but we can confirm that Thumper can "process information" on his own. He appears related to reproduction, and diet and exercise appear to be involved. Some people call it the "mind-body connection," but this is a new way of looking at it. There could be a character down there watching food commercials and growling when he sees balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing poured onto a sal ad...

Thumper is technically classified as the enteric nervous system, and has about as many nerve endings as a cat's brain. There is not enough information available about how Thumper works, but the field is called neurogastroenterology, and it's very complicated. For example, Thumper might be able to use your prefrontal cortex sometimes, or at least send emotional signals. There are studies that suggest Thumper can affect emotion.

So, you've got this whole other "information processor" affecting psychology that we're just now getting to know. And while the blood-brain barrier prevents stuff in food from interfering with your prefrontal cortex (in most cases), an emotional signal from food could affect your mood. And there's not enough information available about whether you called in sick because you couldn't take your morning shit, but diet and exercise are involved.

I picked a Disney rabbit to characterize Thumper because, although he has as many nerve endings as a cat's brain, if you take the entire cat into account he's only about 2/3 of a cat. So I picked a rabbit. He's a part of you, a part of your mental health, and a part of your life that we abandoned when we discovered the brain. But baby, he's back!

We all know that drugs affect us both physically and mentally. But there's an interesting history here involving mental health. Sigmund Freud, one of the biggest figures in recognizing the need for mental healthcare, started "talking therapy" and often prescribed cocaine.

In his later life, Freud stopped prescribing cocaine, and stopped "talking therapy." The talks were too big of a drain on the psychologist. They banned cocaine, and we have a fuckton of pharmaceutical drugs, none of which seem to work quite right. I mean, they already prescribe shit for Thumper, without enough information available about Thumper.

The idea is that drugs can be prescribed to make you feel better without all the talking. Talking is still available, but we're dealing with an industry that left out Thumper. Drugs to make you happy may make some people suicidal. Cocaine is alright in the right dose. Along with marijuana and other drugs they made "illegal." Add diet, food, exercise, Thumper, and "social psychology" to it, and it's not quite right.

Some psychologists tell you it's all in your head. And speaking of your head, whether due to drug use or not, some people hear voices. Is it Thumper or God? It doesn't matter unless the voices are critical of you, or want you to hurt yourself or others. It's normal now. What's not normal is a psychologist tell you, "There's no 'social world' out there. You can just drug the bully away. And there's no bully. It was all caused by the Big Bang. You're fated. Don't vote, take this pill instead..."

So we need massive research on all of this, conducted by honest scholars who aren't in danger of going underwater from climate change. We do know that something called "cognitive dissonance" is involved when you get scared. Climate change is scary, and removing that fear in the quickest way possible - even if it means electing president Ronald McDonald to tell you the Earth isn't in trouble - is the quickest way to happiness. And if you're on drugs, you'll want a quick way to be happy.

There's a better way, though, and it doesn't involve going to prison for smoking weed. Think. There's a Disney rabbit in there, on drugs, and the climate is changing...

This section relies on the section(s) above it...

So, you have police to secure law and order, and you decided that because Freud said fuck it while talking to you on "the couch" on cocaine, to throw me in jail based on your model of the brain from the 1600's, and tell me not to commit suicide.. it's worth it? Oh, and your kids are gonna die under water. And we call this "justice." Also, there's Thumper. We just bumped his ass for a million years (give or take a few), and justice is proving Prozac made Thumper have to take a shit behind the convenience store. And now I have to go to jail? I didn't want to fart! And I have to promise to tell the truth by swearing on a book about some guy who walked on water. Something is wrong. Maybe it's the computer that controls the stop lights...

Fuck this! I'm going on NewsKing and getting high! I think Thumper needs a thump, too! (Actually, Thumper likes physical contact, and may contribute to violence among some Thumpers, depending on the configuration of the rabbit, and the social and physical environment, in addition to pharmaceutical drugs designed with no knowledge of Thumper, but now prescribed to Thumper...)

And then tell me I'm going to hell? Without even knowing if there's such a thing as "absolute evil." Now put me back out into the world with hell on my mind, and tell me everything is alright. Say the pledge and I'll be the next president. Just pray to the water-walker and don't use the drugs that may solve mental and physical health issues for some people...

So, we may dealing with a variety of "factors" viewed as "systems." The enteric nervous system: Thumper. The lymphatic system: Thumper's friend. The prefrontal cortex: Where "you" ultimately is. But you gotta be the whole you before we get to this. We gotta talk about the central nervous system before we can take a shot at defining love with variables (yeah, it's not romantic, but it's nice, and we'll do our best to get everything right...)

For some people with various mental health issues, picturing yourself on a computer, or virtual world, may be helpful. While you can picture yourself on the inside using a virtual image, you also have to include other people. Not necessarily because love involves another person, but because it's likely you'll encounter other people in your life.

Love isn't perfect. You have to try, but you don't need a perfect "slider" score. And if you don't want to, you don't have to try. I'm tryin' to talk about love. And I ran it past an online "fraternity," partially created by algorithms that interpret metaphors, and we seem to agree on these "categories" about love. I say categories because you can have sub-categories...

- Physical love/sex/touch
- Visual attraction
- Smells
- Sounds
- Tastes
- Idiosyncrasies/habits
- Agreement on issues
- Mutual experiences
- Having offspring

So, maybe you fell in love over dinner. Maybe it was the pill. What's in that pill? What's in that food? We're getting there...

This section relies on the section(s) above it...

Cyber Psychology is like an octopus, because it has so many "legs." There's the appearance of other people, which may be related to social psychology and sociology, just to start. What is that person wearing? Wait, there's a newspaper? Television, internet, movies, etc.?

Yeah, and there's a social network. How it's coded is like writing a newspaper article and checking your facts, except they check for "bugs." And it affects you and your life.

Suicide has a lot of issues around it. The "virtual" stuff is in its infancy, but I like to think it's there. So, suicide is an option, and it should be pleasant unless you want otherwise. This is what I came up with: Don't go out if you make it through something, but don't stick around if you wanna go. Generally, try to live...

Because your friends and families are stored as memories unless they sign (assuming you're uploading yourself to computer as described two sections above), you can kill yourself and not have to answer to God, Satan, or anyone else. Heaven is that burden being lifted off of you, no matter how you've lived your life, and there's no hell. If someone else signs, they can't do it after your death, and their signature puts you in charge of the "world" in which they reside.

Check for bugs...

The newest treatment for some cancers, or at least the one that's receiving the most attention in 2018, is a "starvation pill." Cancer cells need to eat, just like you do. What if we block out their nutrients with a pill, and you can go on eating without experiencing starvation (which would have severe mental health complications)?

Well, the rest of "you" might not get certain nutrients, either. It may be as simple as popping a pill, but it should be doctor supervised. Like, what if you eat something that gets around the pill's blockade? I would think it would need to be doctor supervised, and require a hospital stay. But if you follow the guidelines, it may not.

It may not be effective on all forms of cancer, and you may still need chemotherapy, radiation therapy, MRI scans, CT scans, bloodwork, etc. But it looks promising in studies.

You've heard "feed a cold, starve a fever?" They're saying they might be able to starve the cancer...

The latest cure for HIV/AIDS involves stem cell transplants, but it's in its infancy and has issues that scientists are working very hard to solve. This is a "cure," not a "vaccine." A vaccine cures everyone, not just you...

HIV/AIDS vaccines have made it far enough along to enter human trials. I think they found human subjects willing to try it in South America. Just getting to a human trial is very promising. It's hard as fuck to get to a human trial!

But with HIV/AIDS, the current drugs can get you a decent lifespan, with problems. I mean, they can keep you alive and working, but it ain't like clearing the disease, and the drugs can cause other problems for some people. They're also expensive, which is why healthcare is important. In some states, that hot homeless kid can't get treated. I mean, he or she is your friend, but America is letting he or she die...

Parkinson's is a disease of the central nervous system, brain, and spine. There are a number of celebrities that have or have had the disease. Superman star Christopher Reeve and Back To The Future star Michael J. Fox has or are suffering from it.

To our caveman and cavewoman eyes watching TV, it looks like they're nervous and shaky on camera, but it's a real disease. There is not enough information available about what it is. We've checked for genetics, but only 10% of cases come back genetically caused.

The best research is that a genetic mutation occurs, but not enough information is available about the mutation, and mutation alone does not appear to be the only cause. There's a chemical out there that can "give people Parkinson's," too.

There are drugs that can make life normal, with side-effects, but there is no cure at the present time. You can't do a blood test or anything for this, either. It's mostly diagnosing symptoms.

There is a new scanner called a DaTscan that may provide information about Parkinson's, but it's hard to get to a DaTscanner, and accuracy is still in its infancy...

Alzheimer's is a type of dementia (memory loss like you can't remember where you are or that you're talking to your friend). It causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior. Symptoms usually develop slowly and get worse over time, becoming severe enough to interfere with daily tasks.

Alzheimer's has no current cure, but treatments for symptoms are available and research continues. Although current Alzheimer's treatments cannot stop Alzheimer's from progressing, they can temporarily slow the worsening of dementia symptoms and improve quality of life for those with Alzheimer's and their caregivers.

The causes of late-onset Alzheimer's, the most common form of the disease, probably include a combination of genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors. The importance of any one of these factors in increasing or decreasing the risk of development Alzheimer's may differ from person to person.

Coping skills will help you handle day-to-day challenges, maximize your independence and live a meaningful life with your diagnosis.

Heart disease means, for the most part, clogged arteries. Like, the important ones. It can be treated with surgeries, devices, and/or implants, but it can't be cured. It may be possible to temporarily treat it with certain drugs.

Diet and fitness is where all the the arrows point in terms of causes of heart disease, but anyone can get it. You could have some other problem, and fixing it could involve the surgeries, devices, and/or implants as heart disease that sets in because of diet and fitness issues.

There are doctors out there who say things like, "The only cure to heart disease is to become a vegetarian." So, I can eat a whole can/container/stick of "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil," called margarine or vegetable shortening, loaded with salt, and nothing will clog?

"NewsKing will address diet and fitness in another section!" Oh, I see... Is that where the answer is?

In the meantime, get the surgeries, take the pills, and wait on the cultured meat made in a lab and served through a vending machine where you can select "fat level" and "sodium level" as vending options for your Big Mac. Be sure to watch for the ads and eat like a sport...

(Note: Thumper may be involved...)

Ebola could wipe out all but 3% of the human population. It's a virus that kills you all gross (let's not go into that). There are three tricks to Ebola...

- 1) Realize (or hope someone else realizes) that you have it.
- 2) Stay away from others, because it transmits easily from person to person.
- 3) Hydration, oxygen therapy, and medicines that reduce vomiting and diarrhea help, but you also need to sustain blood pressure, and this only works on some people.

Waking up to an Ebola outbreak is a major key to having us all not die (well, except that 3%). It's a virus...

One thing I want to put here is that there are other "old diseases" that we "cured" or at least "put away" that are at risk of coming back if we neglect problems. Like, there could be an outbreak of bubonic plague (the "plague" that wiped out so many in Europe because people lived in cities and dumped their trash out of their windows, attracting rats with fleas; the fleas bit people and spread the plague from the rotting trash).

Think of this, even though it's very complicated and I'm oversimplifying, as something going wrong with plumbing, electrical wires, structural damage, waste disposal, and some professional who fucked up (possibly in marketing). You good so far?

Okay, now try to imagine the "perfect" diet and fitness plan. Does it work for everyone, or just you?

We know diet and exercises can affect terminal illness, and usually produces positive outcomes. But maybe... Maybe that guy just has a Martian snake inside him that eats all the food and he doesn't have to diet or exercise. (That's youth).

Either way, diet and fitness are hot, and you should seek the help of professionals so you don't hurt yourself. We'd hate to see your own snake bite you. Drugs help if you wanna have an easier time or be an asshole...

But yeah, you gotta at least move around and eat right, and you'll stand a better chance of living longer.

There are some "terminal illnesses" we may soon cure, and some we know very little about. Many of them we can "live with," but not always exactly like we want to live. Mental health, diet, exercise, and even our society, its people, and its laws play a role. Ideally, you're free to check into a suicide booth whenever you want, preferably with counseling before you "push the button."

There's a theoretical "digital heaven" as a backup - with no hell - but we currently can't process all the information about "you." We know you're conscious, though. There's a "you." You also have religious options, or "vends."

Something along the lines of another "creature" lives inside you, which I've described as a Disney rabbit named Thumper. We know Thumper can "process information" independently of the brain in your head, but that's all we know so far.

We think when enough nerve endings come together in any creature, consciousness occurs, but it may be rudimentary, like a crab who managed memory, but nothing more advanced (it doesn't get happy or sad as far as we know).

No matter your race, we know we all evolved from pre-historic Africans, and see that in a DNA test. Which brings us to DNA...

If you can't make it to digital heaven, religious heaven, religious hell, get reincarnated religiously, or make it some other place, you'll just die. The best DNA on Earth, with the best lifestyle and environment on Earth, as well as the best healthcare, can't beat the DNA clock. You just, like, run out of time.

So, make the most of your life. Support healthcare for everyone. Quit being racists. Be nice. And remember to enjoy your life while you're living it. You can get wrapped up in "death insurance" and plan your departure, but maybe you'll bumble into something or someone friendly who helps you out. Maybe your death isn't your problem. Maybe it's a social problem. Either way, I'm sure you're gonna die, and in 2018, that's the end using the information currently available...

Oh, and masturbate if you wanna be a ripped old man like this guy!

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