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Climate change is mainly about the energy industry. We recognize that global climate change is mostly man made. The energy industry wants to stay in charge of energy. They've picked through the scientists' data and think they can switch to alternative sources of energy by 2040, and still stay in charge. They regard themselves as an industry that can't go out of business.

We're supposed to switch to wind and solar power, and move away from nuclear power. But I found a thing. Tiny nuclear batteries that can't melt down, and can be used, believe it or not, to make non-lethal firearms that still fire a bullet, look cool, and seriously disable an attacker. Why is that in here? What would you resort to if it all goes to hell?

These batteries could also power a smartphone for the rest of your life. In fact, everything you use could be powered by them, and they won't run out of power in your lifetime. Disposal is a concern, but they won't melt down like a nuclear power plant. Everything that you buy will "just work forever." From smartphones to toasters. If they can get it figured out, you wouldn't need energy from the companies currently in charge. You'd need batteries, and they would most likely be pre-installed in everything you buy...

The batteries may not be the solution. They may pose a threat if disposed of improperly. We're gonna look into that. But climate change is a serious threat to human life.

We'll also get into sexuality, condoms, and some other topics. If the world is going to end, wild fantasies are out there about how to end the world. So we'll get to that.

And we'll try to build a model of what to expect given what they're doing now, but given this presentation, we'll also try to change that model. It doesn't look like they know enough to not act now. But they know enough to act. So, whatever kind of energy we switch to, we're going to try to switch.

We're in danger. Our fantasies are out of control. And we're not being very smart about it. We're going to try to be smart...

What do you think of when you think of "National Security?" In America, the Pentagon looks at risks to our assets: the ports where they park their ships, social behavior in a catastrophe, and danger to human life... plus a lot more. Humans can only survive in certain temperatures without a space suit.

How will people act if they don't feel protected by their government? What will the world be like without a friendly government that looks out for you? What will it be like without the love? You're crazy if you think you're the shit - the top dog - and we don't care about each other.

Will some country launch a nuke on you at this point? Well, "National Security" depends on what country you live in. Are there wild fantasies about warming up the South Pole and fucking penguins? You stupid fucks! Get a hold on yourself and understand what we mean by risk. And don't blow it all up!

The plans provided by the energy industry in terms of climate change, according to the U.N., accept the loss of certain countries. Three in particular... But basically, they think it's alright to put three countries underwater, and lose a few coastal cities. Unfortunately, these coastal cities protect you from danger. In the most highly concentrated military area in the world - where I live - we're raising certain streets by four feet (1.2 meters) just in case hell breaks lose and we have to go to war. And that's just a bandage. People don't understand that their lives are at risk in a number of ways.

We don't know what "runaway climate change" could do, or if our bastardized calculations about which countries and cities will be underwater are correct. Like, once climate change gets strong, it could kill us all... Think of a car with the best brakes. You slam on the brakes, but it can't stop instantly, and you crash. Kind of like climate change has momentum. We can't slam on the brakes...

Do you wanna walk around in a space suit, or chill at the beach? What if the storm turns into a hurricane larger than the people who defend you are prepared for? Or will an underwater country blow it all up? What if it's too hot to grow crops? Do you understand what "National Security" means?

We know that runaway climate change poses a risk to all human life, as well as other forms of life on Earth. But what happens when it starts going to shit? How will we behave. The "National Security" section above explores the behavior risks when you put a country or a city underwater. Under stress, people say "fuck it" and start killing each other. What were the "Crusades" and why were they in the "Dark Ages?" (They were in the "Late Middle Ages," but it was still pretty dark. The "Crusades" were religious wars to convert people to Christianity by force, whether they be Muslim or "Pagan." Pagan means you worship as you please, even if you worship more than one God.) We killed each other on a massive scale.

So, climate change poses more of a risk than just having to walk around in space suits because it's so hot. Just the perception of our government "giving up on us" will affect human behavior. We usually associate this with "riot behavior," but it doesn't have to be a riot.

We have sort of a loosely strung together model from President George W. Bush that "poverty breeds terrorism." It may contribute to terrorism, but I don't think it "breeds" it. There are number of other reasons for violent behavior.

However, if we run with the half-assed model, "climate change breeds terrorism." If your house is going under water, you'd kill for a house on a hill. You'd kill the whole family in that house. And you'd arm yourself. In the United States, we even market the idea that the world is ending, and use it to sell you guns.

I can't control Donald Trump and his views on climate change (hopefully he'll listen). But I may be able to change the guns. It's not the best idea, but it is in part intended to make you think about killing and climate change.

So, if you're thinking about killing someone for that house on the hill, what if there were a gun with a bullet that could disable the enemy without killing? Do you want to kill? Will the enemy return after being disabled and recovering? Do you feel protected with such a gun? Why and why not? Maybe the enemy could be imprisoned. But what if the prison system collapses? How confident are you that society (including the prison system) will survive? If you're confident, you would buy such a gun. If you're not confident, you're a murderer.

The design of this gun - mainly the bullet - involves a tiny, nuclear battery that delivers an electric shock without a "taser," or without the wires associated with "tasers" that can be fired. And the nuclear batteries won't melt down like a nuclear power plant. The bullet has a needle to penetrate clothing and deliver the shock. Assuming you're not at war and are all knights in shining armor. Are you at war? Wait, are you at war in your mind? Are we all fucked? What did you do to help fix it? If you're not trying to fix it, you're going to hell! (The hell part comes later. Next is the energy industry. Hmm... You could probably call that a hell. But get excited about the tiny nuclear batteries! Have a little faith... In NewsKing?)

Oh, and you shouldn't feel in danger, BTW. Rather selling you climate change end-of-the-world guns with a war on top, your government should be ensuring you have a happy, healthy life. I'm not a believer in guns, by the way...

Anyway, what if it's so hot, you can't grow crops? We'll find out more in the next section...

Let's start with a little intro to problems with economic theory. It is the official position of most economists, including those representing the United States, that television commercials play no role in your purchase decision. Try telling that to the NFL during the Super Bowl.

It's called neoclassical economic theory. The worlds most brilliant economists imagine you in... let's say a grocery store/supermarket that doesn't exist. You're only there because you need food, not because you want to try the new candy bar you saw on TV. The products have a "brand name," but no flashy labels because that would be an "ad," and an ad can't influence you... officially.

As you shop around the store, you get an imaginary calculator. You'll use your calculator to buy the best product you can with the budget you have. The "best" product can be a brand you know, but only because you shop at this imaginary store, and have sampled multiple brands. Unless one or two brands are completely out of your budget...

Are you with me so far? Because that theory is how we deal with environmental pollution. If Farmer Bill dumps fertilizer in a river to get his products to this imaginary grocery store, we fine Farmer Bill. But the damage done to Farmer Fred's farm down the river is not calculated as part of Farmer Bill's operating costs. In fact, Farmer Bill may continue to dump fertilizer in the river, pay the fines, and argue that it is more expensive to switch to a less toxic fertilizer. He's not accounting for the costs Farmer Fred has to pay to combat pollution. Or the costs to the grocery store when Farmer Fred can't deliver the food you want at an affordable price.

We used to call "climate change" "global warming." It still is, but we don't say it that way anymore because it includes swings in the weather that can cause "the blizzard of the century" followed by an extremely hot day. And during the blizzard, you'll say, "doesn't feel like 'global warming' out there today!" So, we're going to look at in terms of greenhouse gases, just like the good old days.

So, what, specifically, is pumping out the greenhouse gases. Industry! But some are pumping out more greenhouse gases than others. The biggest offenders, at 28% of greenhouse gases emitted in the U.S. (for a total of 56% when you put these two industries together - they're tied for first place) are "transportation" and "electricity," according to the EPA. In other words, cars and power plants make 56% of U.S. greenhouse gases. But what if you could get rid of the power plants? There may be a way. And if you like it, your smartphone will never need charging again. There could be serious issues, though. That's the next section.

The idea of a "nuclear battery" has been around since the early 20th century, and a lot of research has been done since the mid-20th century. They're different than a nuclear reactor in that they don't use the dreaded "chain reaction" which can lead to nuclear meltdown, like a nuclear power plant. But there are still safety issues.

As far as radiation exposure (and cancer risk) - assuming we're talking about something small like a smartphone - a piece of aluminum foil would shield you. But we want a phone that can be dropped and run over by a car and still not leak radiation.

Scientists are experimenting with various shielding materials. They have to consider the rate of decay of both the nuclear material and the battery casing. We can get this done, but if we do it wrong, we pass a design flaw to a generation roughly 50 years away.

Public perception (and acceptance) is a major issue. But everything from your smartphone to your car to your toaster could just be sold to you with these batteries pre-installed, and be powered for the rest of your life. No plugs, no cords, no charging, no electric bill, no meltdowns. The main issues remaining are shielding and disposal. And of course, manufacture.

These batteries are already in use for certain things, but they aren't common. They're also very expensive because they're rare (not a lot of people use them), experimental, and there are many different designs. But developed and tested properly, the gas pumps, charging stations, and electric bills say, "Bye bye!" And I mean, you can mix and match. You can add a little solar to make your car or house "turbo." You don't have to be all nuclear and shit.

But can you make a bomb out of your nuclear battery-powered car? It does not appear possible. However, it appears that part of the research is intended for weapons. The Army wants a "nuclear grenade," for example. You could blow up a car and call it a "dirty bomb," but the explosion would not be a mushroom cloud that could take out a city. It would only be as big as the dynamite you used. These things seem safe to introduce in consumer devices like smartphones and toasters.

The type of uranium used cannot likely produce a nuclear detonation, since there is no equipment or knowledge about converting "Low Enriched Uranium" into "High Enriched Uranium."

So what will all this enable you to do? We'll find out in the next section...

Are you a survivalist worried about the end of the world? Or are you a hippie who wants live the good life and get away from it all? Either way, "off the grid" is going to appeal to your market. "The grid" usually refers to the "power grid," which is a system used to deliver electricity, but it also refers to the way the world works, as in a strict system of rules. But using nuclear batteries and solar panels (there's nothing wrong with a windmill here and there, either), you can kiss the world goodbye - Armageddon style or hippie style. (Please note, you're going to need free WiFi, and putting your structure next to a McDonald's is illegal in most parts of the world. Just a little humor to get this started for ya...)

Seriously, the "off the grid" lifestyle works for a lot of people. You're no longer tied to "the system." Your "job" is to grow your own food. And you can enjoy all the benefits of modern life with a power source you don't have to pay for (well, there'll be upfront costs...). How you live off the grid is up to you. If you want Internet access, you'll have to figure out how it fits into your philosophy.

But what about going to the bar and hanging out? Wouldn't you be all by yourself or just with your family? Many people who live "off the grid" form communities. And we've talked before about how wine played a role in early civilization, to the extent that wine taught us to grow crops and allowed us to stop running around in the woods and build a permanent community. So if you're "off the grid" and living in a community, remember to put some of those crops toward alcohol. There's no such thing as "community" without it. (Prolly some pot would be good, too...)

There's such a thing as "property law" in the United States. I mean, there are places where no one looks, but there's always the threat you'll be found, and fined for something. "The grid" will find you. Like what happened with the religious cult near Waco, Texas in 1993 (that would be the survivalists, not the hippies...). What are you doing out there off the grid? Don't you like us? Are you planning us harm?

If you said you're not doing anything but getting drunk and high, and you like us and aren't planning us harm, have we got a deal for you! You don't have to live in the mud dwelling below.

Instead, we'll sell you a "tiny house." When the nuclear batteries come out, you can use them, but you can go solar - and mobile - and still live in a real house in communities with people like you. There is an upfront cost, but it's cheaper than building a big house. And there are expenses associated with living in a community. But you get to live a lifestyle that's as "off the grid" as is practical for your modern life, and live around people who think like you.

This is the "tiny house" movement, and it's sweeping America. They'll make one for you. It's cheaper than building one yourself. Unless you can find a spot where you can safely build the mud dwelling pictured above. Fuck it, you can even connect to the grid if you want! You should feel a duty to stop climate change, though. Or to get somewhere without power lines over your house. But you do what you can with what you have...

Whether it's a politician, a priest, or a pharaoh, the idea is that you can't experience pleasure unless they give it to you. And that gives them pleasure. Under Trump, if he labels you a "loser," you won't be able to afford a "tiny house" (you probably deserve more for being a human), and you sure as hell won't get a battery that can give you power. That's the longview, but let's talk about climate change. (We already are...)

What if climate change makes someone's big house slightly smaller? What if people stop buying a product that pollutes? What if they get that tiny house? What will you do? Will they still like you? When you go to the bar/pub, will they beat you up?

That's why they continue to cast doubt on climate change. So the head of Exxon-Mobil will be cool at the bar/pub. So he can give the bartender pleasure through a tip/gratuity. Not a fair wage with a tiny house. So the bartender gives Exxon-Mobil pleasure to get a tip. That's why nothing is getting done. This part is called the "dangling carrot." On your farm, you can't get your stubborn mule to pull the plow. So, you put a carrot on a fishing rod, hold it in front of him so that he can never quite get it, and he pulls until he drops dead.

Did you want to live in tiny house by yourself? Or did you want a community of people who think like you? Everyone wants to feel like everyone else. Like it's all one big happy family. And politicians manipulate that. Fuck, I do it, too! Ain't no Jesus writing this (I've come close, though...).

There have been improvements over the years. A legal system. Ending torture (although we seem to be still having issues there). Free public schools (although they're always under budget threats). And of course, freedom of speech (although they'll try to charge ya!). This room is dark. And it's riding on a weapon Einstein didn't know he made.

That weapon is about Armageddon. Ending the world. And they're using it to end the world with climate change. Are you gonna wear the condom?

Are you lookin' for a fight? Well, I'm not gonna take that from ya. It used to be they just tossed you in jail for a little while, but they've managed to toss away your life now. You live in a state of fear. You're looking for a way out of that. A way to take over the world. If you manage to do that, I want in...

What's that picture of Jesus doing down there? If you look close, his abs are shaped like a penis and testicles. Yeah, that's real, guys. It works perfectly, too. But they're gonna try and take it from you. And you either have to be extremely aggressive, or the world around you has to be stable. The aggression gets you locked up, and there's always someone who destabilizes the world. They sell drugs to get you out of that. The drugs aren't perfect. The harder stuff requires - one more time - aggression or stability.

In the U.S., we elect a new president every four years. That's not stability, but they sell you a stable future that appeals to your fantasies. "In the future, your race will take over the world!" "In the future, the only thing matters is being rich!" "In the future, your husband or wife won't leave you if you lose your job!" Those are just a few of the standard political things they do to you as they shake you to death every four years.

Oh, wait, one more: "In the future, the climate will be... what?" That's why this is here...

So, what's an "Armageddon Condom?" It was invented by Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia. Russia has changed. They had to worship Jesus secretly when Russia became the Soviet Union, but now they can worship freely again. They missed most of the 20th century. So, if you're Russian Orthodox (part of the Eastern Orthodox Christian denomination, which split from the Catholic denomination about 1000 years ago), you can achieve aggression and stability by fucking, or fucking with, fags. In Russia, your wildest fantasies of aggression and stability come true! (Stay on your drugs, workout, and don't talk about it, though...)

Now you have set up a Christian world in which there is only "gay" or "straight," even though we know that's not how it works. And a world in which being Russian is better. Put those together, and you get a high level of aggression, along with stability. That's a hard, Russian man. I like him, and I hate talking about this, but it doesn't work. You're fucking Christians! You can't kill your way to what you think you want. They'll bring down the new Moscow skyscraper.

We know "gay" and "straight" are on a "scale" or "spectrum" in which everyone is gay, but some people are just more gay than others. It knocks out your aggression.

So, what did Putin say? He said since gay people don't reproduce, they're planning to end the world. Well, given the scale, straight people are a little bit gay. But Putin's question still asks if you are a good guy or a bad guy, mated with a Christian "gay vs. straight aggressive stability." There's more. What kind of shape are you in? Putin rides around shirtless on a horse for publicity. He looks alright I guess. But do you have Jesus abs?

To Putin, gay is an "Armageddon Condom." And you can run with it. Trapped in a Russian Orthodox world, you can say you pray to Jesus, have sex with girls, be gay, and secretly try to end the world. Because you wear a condom when you fuck girls! No babies. No marriage.

But you're not trapped in that world. Not at all. There's a fucking vending machine now! The future can be anything you want. One tip, though. You need to stop pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. That's not a fantasy, and there will be no future if you keep doing it. Look at that gay virgin with a perfect penis down there. Do you wanna be gay, too? Do you want to destroy the Earth? Maybe I'll put your ass on a cross...

I had this idea that, given your sex life isn't everything you wanted it to be, you could add your experiences together to be the person you want to be. But Sam Pepper introduced "Flex Theory." It's really simple. If you flex with Putin to get to Jesus, you'll look a certain way. I think the vending machine will help a lot with that. You can read about the vending machine in the presentation My Hero Academia. Sam is a friend of my friend Marius Listhrop. Marius added to "Flex Theory" that there is indeed a mind-body connection. In other words, the flexes you do (and if you have sex, an orgasm counts as a flex) are indeed connected to the world you know. Was that a Jesus orgasm, or did you want 70 virgins in heaven? Yes that part is real. And I'm in there... (Nah, I'm killing myself, bitches!)

Anyway, the sexual algorithm is pretty simple. It's like 500 kisses equal sexual intercourse. You get it? You add together "points" for your sexual experiences to be who you want to be. A lot of little points can equal everything you want to be.

Do you like porn? Do you want to be a porn star? It's in the vending machine. And now you can do it by adding together your sexual experiences. Bitch, you're getting fat. I'mma have to put your ass on a diet! I ain't gonna keep fuckin' that!

Anyway, I put this in here to get you out of the "pollution virgin flex" and get you to flex with us. You're going to die if you keep doing what you're doing. You'll end up with armageddon condoms for real! You'll all die, and the engineered sex machine below agrees...

Do you know that guy pictured below? His name is Lorax. He has two movies. He speaks up to a tyrannical businessman who employs neoclassical economics. The businessman thinks it'll be cheaper to not account for the costs from the damage he's doing to the environment. But the businessman ends up destroying a town, all the people have to move out, and he's left in his tower all by himself. If only he'd listened to Lorax. Millions of lives could have been saved.

The outlook isn't good, guys. As long as you keep voting for people like Trump because he uses race and war as carrots, your lives will slowly get shittier. You can't see it because you think you won. You're not a "loser." These are all tricks they teach you in certain classes in college/university. How you use a given trick is up to you. I've done my best to tell you about it, but I'm sorry to inform you that your lives are at risk. Like, I don't even like racist fuckers, but I figure it's right to tell people they've put their lives, and the lives of their families, at risk by falling for this trick of associating climate change and racism (that's bait and switch, BTW). Just so some guy could look cool at a bar/pub. All you're gonna get is the promise of a promotion, a pay cut, and a doctor who won't see you when you get cancer. Quit being stupid.

Do you care about your kids? It's the same as asking if you care about the future, whether you have kids or not. Whether you care about leaving money to your kids, or just care about how shit works out for people like you, you're in danger. You're being played. ("Aww! I care! Heh, do I even know evil?" "Yes. And I'm better looking and smarter. Clean your shit up!" "We're in brat land, and it's cool to be mean and crazy. Don't you wanna be cool?" "Yeah, as in a cooler Earth. Enjoy the movie...")

This movie is for children, but that's what many of you are acting like. This is the original from 1972. It's not gonna fire a nuclear bullet at Donald Trump if that's what you're wanting. Build my gun if you wanna do that. This is the only way we could think to tell you in a movie suited for children...

Click the link below to stream the movie. If you want to add subtitles, use the link below the movie for instructions. To download the movie instead of streaming it, right click the link and choose "Save link as..." (if you're on a mobile device, use the Chrome browser and press-and-hold the link to choose "Download Link"). Use the fullscreen button on the video controls to watch the movie in fullscreen mode. No audio gain was added to this movie, so you may need to crank the volume.

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