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My Hero Academia is a Japanese comic that is about 10 years old, and became a cartoon for the past 3 years and was renewed just 2 months ago. It asks audiences to envision a world in the near-future in which chemicals like drugs cause genetic mutations and give 80% of the human population "super powers," while 20% of the human population have no "super powers."

The Hero, named Izuku, who is featured as the lead image of this presentation, was born into the unlucky group of kids with no "super powers." But one day, Izuku bumps into the world's number one hero, "Allmight," and Allmight gives Izuku a "super power" called "One For All." Izuku then makes into the world's best high school, but he has to keep his "super power" a secret. So he can learn stuff...

This presentation is centered around a high school or college/university experience in which super heroes "learn stuff." It's designed to be a typical experience, involving puberty, drug use, fantasy, religion, writing a thesis, and of course, gettin' high.

We've introduced the "enteric nervous system" in past parts of this new series of 2018 NewsKing presentations, which are listed at the bottom of this page, and gave the enteric nervous system a name: "Thumper." Thumper is a Disney rabbit from the movie Bambi, and Thumper was chosen because the enteric nervous system (your mouth, throat, stomach, intestines, and some other parts) has as many nerve endings as a cat's brain, or about 2/3 of cat's entire nervous system, so I thought a rabbit would be about right. The enteric nervous system may play a role in what we're going to talk about.

Some of the topics we're going to talk about are "consciousness" and "fantasy." Your brain has a section for fantasy that, believe it or not, involves the latest theories in science. So, hang on as we take this roller coaster ride! Can you ride the Loch Ness Monster?

Drugs are tricky, because depending on sociological, psychological, physical, and environmental factors, they may produce different fantasies, and some fantasies can further increase problems in society. How can Izuku use "One For All" when there are so many different ones? Add to that the threat of your life being taken away for using drugs... Bummer! That's not a good environment! Do they even care about your healthcare, or only soccer mom's healthcare?

But if you have a "super power" and use so-called "hard drugs," you gotta put your fuckin' "super power" on! Like, quick! There's very little time to think. If you made it into the school Izuku made it into, or at least made it to NewsKing, it should be fun as shit...

Add to that the fact that you have a "second brain," called the "enteric nervous system" (Thumper) that may or may not have its own thoughts. Scientists know Thumper can "process information" without telling the "you" in the prefrontal cortex section of the brain in your head, but it isn't known whether this "information" is anything like a "thought."

So... Do you have "super powers" on hard drugs? Are you just playin'? Or are you Jesus? We'll talk about that next...

If "God has a plan," then how do you have "freedom?" God would have already planned everything for you, right? Why even vote? Why does the Christian Bible have both ideas in it?

Do you remember "fantasy" from the section above? Well fantasy requires something called "consciousness." That means you can decide things, even if God has a plan, and even if your decisions are against what you fantasize is "God's plan." You can be evil as shit!

But wait! Is there only one "good" and one "evil?" In ancient philosophy, there were many "goods," many "evils," and many "Gods." Like, if you got drunk and acted like a fool, the God "Dionysus" had you for the night. When you woke up, you were back with the God "Apollo."

That's from the Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, my arch-nemesis, but he had problems talking about fantasy. Like, what if you fantasize that the entire world is all in your head, and you're God?

Bitches, I already fixed that. You have to acknowledge what is fiction, and that's the next section.

The image below is of the God Neptune, who loved water and swimming, and once a year, loved women loving women, men loving men, and men loving women. Note that he's called "mythology" now, not a legit "God." How legit is your God?

Philosophy of Science is different from Philosophy and Religion. We only say what we know we know. We add theories to that, but admit that they are theories. And we speculate, meaning a kind of "educated guess" based on what we know plus our theories. That leads us into fantasy...

To have fantasy, you have to have consciousness, meaning you can make decisions that affect your future, as well as the future of other people. Of course, that's going to be influenced by stuff happening around you. Stuff like fantasy...

As we move from Philosophy and Religion to Philosophy of Science, we encounter an ancient God who is now called a "myth." He loved swimming and was all about women loving women, men loving men, and men loving women. But only during his festival. So, what's going on when the festival isn't happening?

Studies suggest that sexual orientation (gay, straight, or bi) is on a "scale" called the Kinsey scale. But the scale appears to go on forever in both directions. In other words, you never hit "absolute gay" or "absolute straight." And there are some people who are into goat fucking! And dudes who fall in love with their partner's shoes and fuck the shoes. Consciousness and fantasy are clearly playing a role.

New studies suggest that you should choose a fantasy appropriate to the partner you are attracted to. And that's the next section...

Given that we're talking about relationships and choosing a fantasy, I'm suggesting that you can choose a religion as a fantasy. You can choose anything... a book, a movie, etc. In neoNewtonian philosophy, you have to acknowledge your choice as a fantasy, or a partial fantasy, though, while keeping a grip on reality, or at least what we know about reality.

This idea may not suit everyone, but how else can you keep a grip on reality? If you fantasize that you can fly, and jump off a tall building (with no parachute), your fantasy will come to an abrupt end. Keep a grip on reality, but enjoy fantasy...

What really makes this proposal interesting is that fantasy is acknowledged scientifically. Fantasies are not "mere fantasies," at least in the sense that "fantasy" is recognized. Fantasy is a part of "consciousness," and we're just now starting to define consciousness scientifically. You never know what we'll figure out, but we'll do everything we can to figure out everything we can.

So, take your pick from the vending machine. This is the gourmet stuff. The stuff you pay for. You could always write your own, but that's alot of work, and it took alot of work to bring this to you. There are also "subcategories." For example, you may be a Christian, but are you Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or Protestant? If you say you're Protestant, there are at least 200 "denominations" (or "genres"), but there may be as many as 47,000. Among some drug users, they want to "teach you their religion."

Movies are good, too. Science is at the base of it all, so you can't pick it as a fantasy, but you can acknowledge scientific speculation as a special kind of fantasy now... (I think they call that "Science Fiction" or "SciFi.")

So, we've talked about drugs, philosophy, science, fantasy, and religion. Put it together. Use available knowledge to help you. Talk to your friends and partners. Go to a church, mosque, temple, or other place of worship if you want. Go there high on drugs if you want. Some churches are being converted into bars/pubs. I guess some bars are sacred. Some people say some drugs are sacred, too...

There are places in the world where spiritual leaders take drugs to worship and give religious advice to others. The practice built what we call "Western Civilization." Not only did we learn to grow crops to get more wine (yeah, we figured out how to grow shit so we could get drunk), there were special places like "The Oracle at Delphi."

Some people from the big cities ventured out into what we now call a "developing suburb," and found a rock that spewed a mysterious vapor. They breathed the vapor, and got high. So, they built a temple on the rock. They hired a lady to sit inside and breathe the vapor all day and night, and you could go in the temple and ask her questions. While getting high with her, of course...

The Oracle got so popular, the suburb boomed! They built an amphitheater to stage plays based on fantasy, as well as hotels, restaurants, homes, and other businesses.

It wasn't in India, but you can get that in India, too. The character below is named "Sally Bollywood," and she's from India. She explores places and figures out the truth...

Alright. You're not a robot like "Bender," the drunken, high robot from the TV series Futurama pictured below. And your body responds to drugs. If only you never aged and were made out of metal...

So, just some basics. Don't commit suicide without first seeking professional help if it is available. Unfortunately, in some states, that means going to church, and there are cuts in mental healthcare by politicians actively trying to kill you. Come down and have a drink if that's the best you got...

You can't fly. Don't jump off a building.

You can flex on people. Feel free to be a total dick if that's what you want. They'll adjust.

Don't get violent or psycho. You're fucking high. Maybe that flex made your friends feel fat. Meh. Don't engage in violence unless it is supervised like MMA (Mixed Martial Arts/UFC/Octagon).

Don't kill anyone.

And, unfortunately, in most places, if you can pull all this off and still have sex, you're still at risk of imprisonment, even if you get everything perfect just for getting high, especially on hard drugs. Maybe not do drugs in my car... I know you like it though... As long as I'm metal, right?

Remember that there're combinations of drugs and alcohol that you might like better if shit goes wrong. Experiment. Shit can go wrong. Come down. Have an alcoholic beverage. Sleep in the bushes/shrubs if you have to so you don't hurt someone.

Alright, my robots, get fucking high!

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