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We keep getting more and more information that suggests there are aliens - as in extraterrestrials - and less and less information that suggests there are not aliens. This presentation will bring you up-to-date on the information. Whether the "alien" looks like a tiny snake, or a walking, talking creature, we'll explore the evidence and enter the debate.

What we won't do is evoke the way we looked at "the alien question" in the past. This is the new shit. We're not going to try and explain how God might be an alien. But we will get into the religious implications of life elsewhere in the universe.

We'll also get into "aliens" in the sense of "immigrants." If a UFO dropped by your house or apartment, what do our immigration laws say about how you would react? What if the alien was a different color than you, and challenged your religion by his mere existence? Would you have any love for a "gray?" Or would you fuck your shit up?

Are religious aliens considered evil? What if their mere existence tears apart your religion, and then they tell you they have their own religion? We'll use science to talk about that. You know science from NewsKing, right? Take a look at your world! And please, enjoy this presentation...

What's the most credible source you can think of for a UFO? The Pentagon!

UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects) have been in the news for years. But it's always, like, just some guy with a crappy photo. Do you trust him, or do you trust the Pentagon? It's a tough question to answer, right? Because what do you trust more than the Pentagon? Has the Pentagon ever deceived you? Hmm... I think my Dad is on disability for exposure to "Agent Orange," which he was told was safe...

Yes, there's a UFO video from the Pentagon now. That much we know. But it isn't something we have additional information about, and it isn't the kind of alien life scientists have been looking for.

Scientists don't just "release a video." Well, they do, but not without a lot of peer review. There's no way to confirm that the Pentagon video is true, despite their reputation for being able to handle nuclear war. We have no way to confirm the video. And the way the Pentagon works, it could just be a "rogue, fake video" put together by some secret department and leaked.

But, it's the best we've got as far as an actual UFO. The video is in the next section, and we'll talk about it. But first, we need to talk about different kinds of aliens, and what scientists expect to find...

Oh, and "Area 51" and shit if you're old school... See! How reputable is the video? (It's the best the world has...)

What if the most likely form of alien life is a little microbe - like a tiny little snake? Well, we found a rock in Antarctica, and after studying it for years, discovered this little snake fossil (he's probably a "microbe," I just use "snake" to make it fun and understandable).

Scientists agree the rock is from Mars. How the rock got here is unclear (it's really old, and there's not enough information available about how it got here, but probably a meteor or some other big rock hit Mars back in the day, and the impact flicked this little rock toward Earth).

So far, so good. But according to some scientists, the little snake is so small, it can't have DNA. But he's the right size to have RNA, which is kinda like DNA, and we think RNA evolved earlier than DNA.

Saying that moves you straight into evolution. According to the "RNA World Hypothesis," given enough time and the right conditions, we could mix some chemicals together right now, and it would make a little snake. That's disputed by some scientists, though, because even though we practically did it, we had to use additional "stuff" so we would be alive to see it work. We rushed time in the experiment, but many scientists are confident that it was okay to put a rush on it, and that it doesn't affect what we think naturally occurred.

This little snake was discovered in 1996. He's from Mars. And if you accept the "RNA World Hypothesis," he's real. He's a fossil, though. We can't cut him open and confirm his anatomy. And he's probably too small to do that even if he were alive.

The story moved through the media quickly, and was quickly forgotten. Too much controversy. Lots of movies. Then we got our next alien... Read on!

So, now we get to the Pentagon's UFO video. Let's go through the logic, as best we can (you know I'm the best, right?), one step at a time...

How did it perform the maneuvers in the video? It may be some new weapon the Pentagon is developing. But if it were alien and was able to travel here faster than light because the maneuvers suggest that it is defying gravity, or if it uses a propulsion system that defies gravity, it would raise questions about our understanding of physics. With more information, we may be able to fill in some holes that say "not enough information available" and re-arrange some of the stuff we know.

You should first assume that the propulsion system is advanced, but does not defy gravity, and that if it is alien, it is likely a robotic probe that took hundreds of years to get here, and will take hundreds of years get back.

In terms of defense, assuming it is alien, it's location near U.S. Navy assets suggests it may be gathering intelligence about our military, and it's maneuvers suggest it may be aware it is being watched.

It could also be a hoax.

All of that out of the way, I think they're saying, "Dude! It's an alien!"

So far, the aliens, if you accept that there are aliens, seem pretty cool, right? Especially the "gray" in the banner/top graphic for this presentation. He looks cool, and you probably want to hang out with him. Why the fuck did you elect Donald Trump, then? How would an alien interpret what's going on with Trump's "Mexican wall?"

"Illegal immigrants" (if there is such a thing) are also called "aliens." Illegal immigrants as in the human type. Under the Trump administration, which is when this was written, we're talking about discrimination against Mexican-Americans.

Think about it. As excited as you are to hang with a "gray," your laws and attitudes may make him want to destroy Earth. You stupid fucks. You better hope (and pray if you still do that) that this isn't like the movies. The aliens are always somehow against us. With good reason... Would you greet an Earthling? Why not just destroy Earth given the way you people are acting? If you're walling off Mexicans, Arabs (and Hindi), and Eastern Europeans, why the fuck would an alien want to come here? Why wouldn't they think about destroying you. Luckily, the "gray" is cool, and is gonna wait for you to come to your senses.

This guy's a "green" from the TV cartoon series The Flintstones named "The Great Gazoo." He doesn't look too happy with your dumbasses. He debuted in 1965...

While there are some UFO religions out there, most religions were put on the books at a time when we didn't fully understand other planets, let alone aliens. In fact, when Galileo pointed his first-edition telescope at Jupiter and saw moons, he was put on house arrest for the rest of his life by religious authorities. The church books didn't say anything about Jupiter having moons, because they couldn't see them with the naked eye. The telescope was brand fucking new! And a telescope was hard to get. No one was paying attention when Galileo got one. But he did. And wrote a book that the church has only recently forgiven him for...

Before Galileo did his thing, we noticed "moving stars," and they seemed to move in a pattern, like the moon, that may tell us when to plant the grape seeds so we could have wine through the Winter. Eventually, these "planets," at least in Christianity, had "angels" written up to push them around "the heavens." There were seven angels to move the seven "heavenly bodies" we could see moving with the naked eye. With the merger of Aristotle's ancient Greek philosophy and Christianity, around the time the Bible was written to attempt to put it all together, the other planets moved in "crystal (or 'invisible') spheres," but a problem was coming. Maybe it was the Martians?

See, a comet, asteroid, or meteor would occasionally drop by, and crash through God's crystal spheres! How could that be? Baby, that's just the start of Martians and religion! If we didn't understand what a planet was when it was all written down, how the fuck could there be such a thing as an alien? You're on the thin line right now with me. Some people want to put me on lifetime house arrest for this (only about 20% of Americans). That little snake and that UFO crashed through some crystal spheres. Ya know what I mean?

So, why are some aliens portrayed as evil? Maybe they are, but the UFO seemed playful. The area he was in is sensitive, though. While we don't know about that, we're not all dead. The portrayal of an "evil alien" may be related to the angels pushing the planets around above. We have to go into this with caution. If we can go into it at all. Like I said, we're not dead yet...

I'm thinking the evil part is religious bullshit because of the section above. Like a marketing campaign to demonize aliens because they don't fit into the Bible or whatever. Plus, if you've read this far, what would an alien think (if it's the walking/talking kind of alien) of our immigration laws? Can he party in San Diego or nah?

A Shaman is a religious leader in certain cultures, and in certain cultures, Shamans use drugs. Wow, the drug thing is back! You can read Loch Ness Monster to find out more about that. They throw you in jail for drugs, alcohol, being black, or having blue hair. A simple Google search reveals that alien Shamans are depicted as "evil" when evaluating the artwork compared to, say, Disney and Thumper...

An "Alien Shaman" is considered "evil" because he may have a different religion than the religions that exist on Earth. The Earth with the fragile crystal spheres that couldn't handle a comet. The Earth with a "United States" that can't deal with a "Mexican."

The "Shaman" below is a digital statue of legendary rock star David Bowie, tricked out as an "evil Shaman" because he was into aliens and shit. He's not with us now (he died), but we'll miss him.

Is this the alien, or just the alien overly religious people want?

Haha! You'd pray for Bowie! Roughly 80% of Americans, if you do the math a certain way, would modify their religions and pray for an alien. We don't know why the numbers aren't the same for Mexican aliens. Basically, if you've seen the movie E.T., you'd pray for him.

But would you pray for "Marvin The Martian?" He was cast as a "villain" in Warner Brothers/Looney Tunes cartoons. And he has a black face. Maybe he just got typecast. Can this brother get a prayer, or are you praying you'll look like the "gray" that is in the banner/top graphic of this post? I mean, he's fucking cool.

Anyway, we're into religious modification if we pray to a traditional God on behalf of an alien. Religious modification is not new. We have so many religious branches, or denominations, now, it's hard to believe we fought wars over branching out. Nowadays, some of them accept LGBT followers, and some even accept LGBT leaders.

I'm glad at least some of you would pray for a black, villain Martian. He's cute, too. I think he would look good with the "gray" at the start of this post. Don't you? Are you into mixed?

Yeah, we think he will be conscious like us. He may look like ALF (a TV alien pictured below), but we're fairly confident about how evolution works. It's a big leap considering we have theories about robot evolution. There's not enough information available about that part.

But it seems like there are aliens, and that evolution produces life in the universe in a way we can understand. We even have stuff like the "Drake equation" to predict the probability of alien life based on what we know about evolution and astronomy. According to the calculation, there are a lot of aliens, but we can't get to their planet in a normal human life span... we think...

There are also theories that suggest the little Martian snake was the seed for all life on Earth. The theories are widely debated since we don't have enough information. As far as we know, we can't go back in time and look, but that's another topic.

My feeling is to be open about this, be cautious, but friendly. You never know who you got ridin' around inside ya. Thumper, the Disney character from a presentation about the "enteric nervous system," or "the second brain," might be ALF!

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