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A hispanic voice just came out of my computer speakers that said, "Upload."


You gotta be willin' to die for this...


Should I eat the Jello with Cool Whip/whipped cream/whipping cream?

It's something old from Yiayia. It's not gourmet, because I've seen some wild Jello deserts, but it's quick. I'm modernizing for an audience who doesn't "make Jello," but is familiar with it from little snack containers like little yogurts at 7-11.

Add some Cool Whip or Reddi Whip or other whipped topping to the Jello cup. Stir it up so the Jello breaks into little chunks, evenly coated with the whipped topping.

Now ask yourself, "If I was CEO, and had to answer before Vegan/Vegetarian Jesus as to whether I should enjoy this, to the question 'What would Vegan/Vegetarian Jesus do?', how would Vegan/Vegetarian Jesus answer?

Here's what I came up with: "Well, you know there are other forms of gelatin/thikeners/emulsifiers that have slightly different textures and costs. This one is practically free and keeps consumer prices low. For a few cents more per package, I could probably keep the texture using the same ingredient, derived from plant sources. And I'm not the one driving the demand for hamburgers. Cow feet (hooves) are used not because I want to use cow feet to make gelatin, but because they are kcheap as shit."

So, I guess, I should have it for dessert in 2018?

What's a sin?


"Who ordered the 'Pinapple Express' marijuana-topped, cultured meat burger with quiet sauce? I asked for loud sauce."


I just thought up a new restaurant concept called "Saucer's." It's based on the Firehouse Subs hot sauce display, and calling McDonald's Chigago headquarters to ask them to define "Chipotle" as "Barbeque Sauce" somewhere on the packaging, because employees were handing out the wrong sauces.

It's a drive-thru or dine-in restaurant that serves alcohol for dine-in, and has a bar. There are 1000 sauces. You get to choose from an electronic menu the "Top 10 Picks" for the meal you ordered and are trying to sauce. You can also blend unlimited sauces together if you feel like fuckin' around. If you fuck around and don't like, free replacement using "chef's pick" on your sauce. All certified cultured meat, and all other ingredients organic., including the sauces. Other "veggie meats" available. The cultured meat is higher than the highest current standards, BTW. It's the best meat in the world. Done...

(It needs a logo. I'm thinking a bottle of sauce poured into a saucer by a smiling hamburger that is filtered to look partially opaque (soft), and has goumet ingredients that you can see (fancy lettuce, some sort of sprouts) on an LED sign...)


So, this is weird in that fell "off the shelf" in the grage while getting Winter decorations ready. It's a football/American football that is signed by all of the Washington Redskins in some 1980's year. It's stuck on a shelf because my dad doubts its authenticity. It was a gift from his brother...

My dad;s brother was obese. My dad's brother's name is John. When John was a kid, his testicles/balls swelled up so big, "they looked like coconuts." At least according to my dad. John was hospitalized, but could not have children. He was married twice, and raised two stepkids during his second marriage.

My dad's family was out of Alexandria, VA. From Alexandria, John moved to Fairfax County, VA to run a post office in Reston. It worked out well since his mother (my paternal grandmother/father's mother) had season tickets to Redskins football games at RFK stadium. She was one of the original investors in the stadium, and wanted to bring this "new football thing" to DC.

After she died, my uncle went on to become Postmaster of the entire city of Chesapeake, VA in Hampton Roads. My dad and his brother split the season tickets. I think it was like 8 games per year with four seats per game. They each agreed to split it 4-games-each. So we don't know what my dad's brother did or he met when he was there. My dad said there is no way John could afford a football signed like that.

There's something my dad may have forgotten. Not all professional athletes make big money. They make enough to live in a nice neighborhood next door to John. So it could be real. But my dad doesn't think it is.

We're sorry to Native Americans about the branding issues, and sorry to our fans for suing them when they refused to pay higher season ticket prices to move to the new FedEx Stadium in suburban Maryland...


You've got someone who loves you, Chris G. I wish I, and all my friends, knew what you and Cam figured out when we were that age. It was cool to ditch each other and move onto bigger things, like a champion. Cam, you're a loser if you take care of your friends. What if he was just flexing on you, on you were his bitch? Do you wanna spend the rest of your life talking about it, or cut the cord? (Just put everyone on NewsKing. It's free and adultish...)


We got it... Full production now!


This is the "War On Drugs" study from the NIH involving a report by the London School of Economics. It comes up on Google in first place if you search "psychological effects of the war on drugs nih." I added it to the list of sources, too...


Here's the intro for Alcohol & Drugs...

So, we're taking on alcohol and drugs. I think, along President Obama, that the issue involves mental health, not just throwing people in jail, or saying that a drug is bad for everyone. Because here's how we've been doing it...

You drive your car home from Thanksgiving dinner, and drive perfectly safely. You're stopped at a police checkpoint, thrown in jail, fined a bunch of money, and if you say you were driving fine, they tell you that you won't admit you have a problem.

Everyone has problems, but driving isn't one of them for you. There are some people who react differently than others, due to mental health. I'm expanding that. "Mental health" isn't "all on you." It's social. Did you swerve a little in your car after that girl turned you down? What made he turn you down? I mean, fuck "love," now, right? Wait, they throw you in jail for stuff you can legally buy? WTF! You' swerved, bitch!

Both legal and illegal drugs work the same way in certain situations, and the effects vary widely among different people. Does eating spicy food work with crack/cocaine? It's the chef's fault! It's a mental health issue, too. And they left out your partner, Thumper. Your enteric nervous system (your mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines, along with some other parts down there, can "process information" independently of the brain.

Or is it God's fault? Was it God's "master plan" that caused you to swerve? Because in many treatment programs, God is the cure. Maybe the "Big Bang" caused it, and there is no "you." Prolly cause you a mental health problem if you don't have some of that resolved before hitting meth.

Add to that the interesting bit of information that Jesus said alcohol was his blood, and that we evoved to use alcohol because it's how we "moved out of caves" and built cities. Because we needed to figure out how to grow crops to plant more grapes. The rotten grapes get you drunk. The flower of a marijuana plant gets you stoned. Boom! Cities and farms everywhere...

I gotta drink for you. Let's get started with beer...


Twitter is loaded on the new computer. It's really fast. Webpages don't "load." They're just "there" They load so fast it's like a blink. I never would have thought hardware for such simple looking pages... Anyway, we're back on Alcohol & Drugs now...


Good morning!


[I wanna work on this post and get the details...]

A friend of mine bought me some V.S.O.P. brandy yesterday. I looked up what V.S.O.P. means: It means "Very Superior Old Pale." It has to do with how the product is aged, and what's in it. But I kept going, and came up with a bit of info about liquor...

- Whiskey: Spelled "whisky" in Europe, Canada, and probably some other places, it's been likened to "distilled beer" because it's made from grains. In Germany, in addition to whiskey, they also have straight up distilled beer, called "bierschnaps."
- Bourbon: Whiskey made in America
- Scotch: Whiskey made in Scotland

- Rum: Liquor made from sugarcane and/or molasses

- Vodka: Very pure liquor that can be made from grains, potatoes, or fruit, though usually grains or potatoes are used. It is distilled in a way that gets rid of most impurities, so it doesn't matter if you make it from grains, potatoes, or fruit. It's the closest liquor to pure ethanol, but it is sold at a lower strength (it's ethanol + water, and really is that pure; you can even use industrial ethanol to make it).
- Gin: Vodka with juniper berries added during the process, although the process is different from vodka.

- Brandy: Liquor made from fruit. Usually grapes are used. If you can think of whiskey as "distilled beer," you can think of brandy as "distilled wine."
- Cognac: Brandy made from specific grapes in a certain region of France
- Armagnac: Brandy made from specific grapes in a certain region of France

- Tequilla: Liquor made from the blue agave plant.

- Liqueur: Any of the above mixed with flavorings. It gets weird here because you have products like Jägermeister, which is an herb liqueur. It isn't clear what that means. Can alcohol be distilled from herbs, or are herbs just used for flavor? In any case, there does not appear to be such a thing as "herb liquor." You'll be directed to "herb liqueur," suggesting alcohol cannot be made from herbs.
- Schnapps: A word that describes many liqueurs.

So let's test out the guide! What about "corn liquor?" I'd say corn is a grain, and corn liquor doesn't taste like vodka, so corn liquor must be a whiskey. Corn liquor is sold in jars and packaged to look "homemade." It is supposed to suggest a time when people made liquor at home, especially during prohibition in the U.S. When prohibition was lifted, these products still circulated "in the country (countryside)." In reality, corn liquor is manufactured in a licensed industrial facility. You're buying the look of the packaging. The ATF will come to your house and kill you if you try to make your own corn liquor... from all that corn on your farm?


Okay, so that's it for now... Let's make tomorrow about at least getting the tabbed songs on the list, and starting to fix what I can on Twitter and YouTube...
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The Alien

Are there aliens?
Is there evidence of aliens in our past? Whether the "alien" looks like a tiny snake, or a walking, talking creature, we'll explore the evidence and enter the debate. What if their mere existence tears apart your religion, and then they tell you they have their own religion? We'll use science to talk about that. You don't wanna miss this one! Click HERE!

Meet Thumper!

What if you have a "second brain?" This presentation is about the "enteric nervous system," which scientists call your "second brain." Not much is known about it, but we're learning. It has as many nerve endings as a cat's brain. I named it Thumper, because it's only two-thirds the size of a cat's entire nervous system. Do you want to meet Thumper? Click HERE!

My Hero Academia

Do you get high? Do you feel sexy? Do you think about super powers and fantasy? Do you think about science and religion? Do you think about "gay, straight, and/or bi?" Are you into books and movies? Well, this presentation has you covered. It's linked to many of the other presentations on NewsKing, but it's a good start to getting high, staying safe, and enjoying yourself. Click HERE!

Climate Change

Global Climate Change is putting your life at risk, and slick politicians like Donald Trump have figured out how to link it to guns, your sex life, and racism. You're putting your life at risk, and the lives of your families at risk, if you listen to him. Don't fall for his shit. Be smart. Read this and make up your mind. Click HERE!

Loch Ness Monster

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The Barfing Frog

YouTube recently banned videos in which barfing (vomiting, puking, throwing up) was featured. Strangely, they called it "pornography." The new rule came out shortly after I published the Meet Thumper! presentation (on your upper left). I think their decision was wrong, and you'll be amazed at new information about barfing. In many cases, it's normal. Click HERE!

Sleeping Out Of Africa

Do you have trouble sleeping? As in falling asleep at night not due to anything like snoring? Well, the YingYang Bros. may be able to help. The new information is astonishing, and will take you on a journey from racism to diet and exercise. If you want a good night's sleep, you should definitely check out this post. Meet the YingYang Bros.! Click HERE!

Happy New Year! - Jan. 1, 2016

Every new year, I like to start The NewsKing Blog off by wishing everyone a happy new year! While I'm not always on time (with so many time zones, it's impossible for me to wish everyone a happy new year right at midnight...) I usually come pretty close to January 1st. It's a great holiday, and I love celebrating on new year's eve. So, let's make this year a great one!

Happy New Year!
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